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Is Newcastle a Good Place to Play Poker?

ByDave Stopher

Aug 16, 2019 #casino

Newcastle is hardly renowned for its sprawling poker scene and major events, but there are numerous places to play if you know where to look. A number of the casinos in the city have frequent tournaments, and a few successful players have emerged from the area over the years. For players who want to develop a well-rounded skillset, it is a good idea to seek out live games between playing online.

With online poker being so popular nowadays, a lot of players start off playing on the internet to learn how to play the game. Once they reach a certain level of proficiency, they then go and seek out live tournaments as a way to improve other skills such as the ability to read psychological cues. For Newcastle residents, there are around 22 poker tables in the city spread across three casinos. While the main type of poker played is Texas Hold’em, you can find Omaha tables as well. Playing these games is a good way to socialise, and also try your hand against other people who are serious about the game.

It should be noted that going to official games at casinos will put you up against a better class of player than you may be used to encountering online. Especially if you have only been playing for fairly low stakes. Before going to the big games in the city, try to work your way up in the online scene and develop a bankroll. You can do this by gradually upping the stakes of the games you partake in. A site with a good variance of games from low to high stakes is https://poker.paddypower.com/. Players will find a diverse selection of tournaments and cash games on the site.

There have been a number of successful card players that have hailed from Newcastle, highlighting how the city can allow poker aficionados the room they need to flourish. For instance, you can read all about Ben Jenkins at https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/, a successful poker player who lives with three other experts in Gosforth. The 35-year-old has been invited to numerous events to help amateurs refine their skills and master techniques such as bluffing.

After winning more than £27,000 in a tournament in London early in his career, Jenkins knew he had a knack for the cards. He realised that people acted differently when they had something to hide. They would often look at their chips or keep glancing at their cards if they had a strong hand. Jenkins is a prime example of an ordinary person who managed to get good at poker and find success with it.

Poker players who feel that they are winning a lot of games online and want to improve further should aim to play some live games against real people. Newcastle has some great venues in which to find poker games, and the city has even helped develop some professional players.