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Apr 10, 2020 #Isuzu

Only a matter of weeks ago, few of us had heard of COVID-19. Now, the virus has spread to almost every country, infecting hundreds of thousands of people, causing chaos to economies and testing health-care systems worldwide to their limits.

Thankfully measures have been put in place to limit the peak of the pandemic in the UK but we are now all experiencing a level of disruption in our everyday lives, the likes of which we have not seen in Britain for decades, if ever.

As the severity of the situation has taken hold, Isuzu D-Max, like many other businesses, has been faced with some tough decisions to get them through this extremely difficult period.

On the one hand, they had an option to close down many of their operations in order to curtail their exposure and limit losses.

On the other hand, they could stay open, redoubling their commitment to customers and innovating to support those who need their assistance most.

In short, Isuzu D-Max have decided to stay open, in order to become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Whilst all sales showrooms are closed, the majority of dealer workshops will remain open for key workers and essential services.

Isuzu’s decision was guided firstly by their values as an organisation: integrity, commitment, respect and togetherness; and secondly by reminding themselves of the critical services delivered by their inspirational customers:

Key workers
Many Isuzu customers form part of the ‘key worker’ group. Farmers who produce our food, Utility companies that deliver our power and water, Telecommunications companies that keep us connected, to name but a few.

Local communities
On a local community level there are thousands of tradespeople, like plumbers, electricians and builders – those who we rely on when things go wrong – and who depend on their pick-up to do their job.

Rural communities
Many Isuzu customers live in rural or isolated areas where having a durable 4×4 vehicle is a necessity. For example, safely delivering food and medicine to isolated areas can be critical at this time.

4 key commitments
To signify Isuzu’s commitment to keeping these professionals mobile, they have outlined 4 key commitments that Isuzu are making to Keep Britain Working throughout the duration of the lock-down.

Isuzu will Keep Britain Working by ensuring your Isuzu D-Max pick-up is maintained and repaired when required.

Isuzu will Keep Britain Working by continuing to supply pick-ups to those services and people where mobility is essential.

Isuzu will Keep Britain Working by loaning their fleet or demonstrator vehicles, free of charge, to those businesses and services that need to get food and medicine to people who are most in need and are hardest to reach.

Isuzu will Keep Britain Working by repairing any make of pick-up or van when your normal garage is closed. Where capacity allows, their dealers will do everything they can to get you back on the road.

William Brown, Managing Director, has written to customers saying: “We do not take our responsibility lightly and we are committed to doing our bit, however small. Clearly, we must adhere to government guidelines and prioritise above all else the safety of our staff, so do bear with us if there are delays in getting back to you.

Let me take this opportunity on behalf of all at Isuzu UK, to thank you for your invaluable commitment. Thanks in no small part to your professionalism, I’m positive we will get through this stronger and more united than ever.  Keep safe”

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