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Isuzu UK ensures customers are still on the fastest route to an All-New D-Max

20th October 2021 – Isuzu UK, along with the entire automotive industry is facing increasingly complex trading conditions because of the worldwide shortage of components, semi-conductors, and key materials, which is having a detrimental impact on vehicle production and availability.

Isuzu UK is working hard to meet the high demand from customers for the All-New Isuzu D-Max, however, the global component shortages and shipping delays are currently resulting in longer lead times than normal.

William Brown, Managing Director, Isuzu UK said “The success of the All-New Isuzu D-Max has been both rewarding and challenging, with demand currently outstripping supply. As the pick-up professionals, we are committed to providing the most transparent process possible and urge any customers who may wish to purchase an Isuzu D-Max in the near future or perhaps later in 2022 to start discussions with your local Isuzu dealer as soon as possible.”

He added, “Although not impacted as severely as most manufacturers, we are still working tirelessly with the vehicle production facility in Thailand to minimise customer waiting times and we will provide as much information to dealers as we can to ensure our customers are always on the fastest route possible to a new Isuzu D-Max.”

The All-New Isuzu D-Max, which launched earlier this year, combines smart, bold, and aggressive styling and improved off-road performance with class-leading safety technology.  Not only does it deliver the capability and durability you would expect from an Isuzu pick-up truck, but this tough workhorse has also now added superior levels of comfort, refinement, and next-generation technology.

Appealing to a wide variety of drivers, from fleet operators to families, the Isuzu D-Max model range is structured into three segments: Business, All-Purpose and Adventure, resulting in an Isuzu D-Max to suit every customer’s requirement.

Customers looking to purchase a new Isuzu D-Max are encouraged to begin discussions with their local Isuzu dealer to ensure they remain on the fastest route to a new Isuzu D-Max. Local dealer information is available at and for more information on the Isuzu D-Max range please visit

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