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J&B Recycling introduces scheme to encourage a healthy workforce

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 09.58.50J&B Recycling has signed up to a scheme which is set up to encourage the workforce to take more care of their health.

The company has undertaken a number of initiatives in the workplace in recent months including regular training and health checks.

This month the firm, which employs almost 200 staff across two sites in Hartlepool and another in Middlesbrough, has brought in private health insurance for employees.

The scheme, which allows employees to claim for things such as dental treatment, optical tests and chiropody as well as specialist consultations and health screenings, is part of the company’s drive to encourage a healthy workforce.

Anne White, Head of HR at J&B Recycling, said: “The scheme introduced is being rolled out in stages over the next year to all of the J&B Recycling employees.

“It is important to us as an employer to encourage a healthier lifestyle which in turn will result in healthier, happier staff.

“Some people may have put off making appointments because they couldn’t afford them, but this scheme will make a big difference to that.”

Vikki Jackson-Smith, Managing Director at J&B Recycling, added: “The health and welfare of our workers is something which we take a great deal of pride in, and by signing up to this scheme we will be encouraging staff to embrace it and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.”

J&B Recycling recycles approximately 120,000 tonnes of waste each year from household, commercial, industrial and construction sources with customers including car parts manufacturer Nifco UK, Camerons Brewery and thousands of community buildings, pubs and restaurants.

The company’s strategy is to divert waste from landfill by increasing the levels and types of waste streams that can be recycled in a cost effective and sustainable manner through forward thinking and innovation.

It was recently crowned as the winner of the prestigious Corporate LiveWire Award after coming out on top in the Most Outstanding In Recycling Solutions in the Innovation & Excellence category.

J&B Recycling was shortlisted for this year’s North East Business of the Year and has also been shortlisted for the Investment in Training category at the Hartlepool Business Awards.

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