North Tyneside Council is urging residents concerned about their weight not to miss out on the next free 12-week programme to help with their ‘weight worries’.

The Weight Worries programme has proved a big hit by pairing beginner’s physical activity with lifestyle advice.  Since its introduction three years ago, 350 residents have successfully completed the 12 weeks.

During the programme, participants have the full support of the Weight Worries team to offer encouragement, advice and motivational tips along the way. Convenient daytime and evening sessions are provided, along with one-to-one specialised work.

All classes are exclusive to Weight Worries participants and are lower intensity and shorter duration than mainstream classes. 

North Tyneside resident Anne Alexander took part in Weight Worries last spring.  Anne said:  “I was overweight, depressed and breathless doing simple things when I started.  During the 12 weeks I learnt about how to get the right balance at mealtimes – no faddy diets, just healthy eating and making the right choices.  After the 12 weeks I was down from a dress size 18-20 to a 14.  

“Since then I’ve maintained the plan – with ongoing support from the Weight Worries team – and am now a dress size 10-12, having lost four stones in weight in 18 months.  My health and confidence have improved greatly and joining Weight Worries is the best thing I ever did.” 

The team utilises the latest ‘In Body’ technology to accurately assess participants’ health and body measurements before they begin and throughout the 12 weeks. Based on the results, the Weight Worries team devises the perfect mix of activities and healthy eating guidance to achieve results which can be sustained after the programme ends.

Residents who would like to join the next Weight Worries programme, which starts in January, must register by 1 December.  Places are limited and eligibility criteria apply. 

Weight Worries is for North Tyneside resident adults with a BMI between 25 and 35 and who currently do no exercise and meet eligibility criteria. The team can quickly work out BMI results using weight and height measurements over the phone and advise whether or not you could benefit from being more active.

To find out more, or to register, contact the team on (0191) 643 7171.