The Gtech Pro is a bagged vacuum that combines the convenience of cordless with the versatility of both handheld and floor cleaning. It’s the perfect solution if you’re prone to allergies as bagged cleaning offers a hygienic alternative because dirt, dust and hair is trapped within the bag meaning you don’t need to come into contact with allergens whilst emptying a vacuum. Maintenance is kept to a minimum as you don’t need to clean out any filters, which reduces your exposure to potential allergens and helps keep your bin, and the surrounding area, clean and dust free. RRP £199.99

The perfect pet hair vacuum cleaner

If you have pets, you’ll know that their hair can get everywhere, so ensuring you have a vacuum cleaner with superior suction that is easy to use and simple to store is a priority.  The GtechPro K9 – a bagged cordless stick vacuum especially developed to clean up pet hair in seconds – helps keep allergens under control. There are no cords and no need to change plug sockets while moving around your home so you can roam free and be pet hair free! And … by going cordless, pets can’t chew or damage any power cables either, making cleaning safer for you and your four-legged friends. The Pro K9 comes with a range of cleaning accessories and flexible hose, extension tube and nozzle RRP £249.99