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Ketoscan Lite – monitor your fat metabolism and manage weight loss with new compact device

ByHarriette Bond

Nov 14, 2021
  • Ideal for optimising keto diet and exercise plans
  • Fast and simple measurement with hassle-free technology
  • No painful pin prick blood samples required
  • Input results to mobile app for real-time fat-burning info

As the popularity of low-carb keto diets continues to grow, AlcoDigital – the UK’s leading supplier of breathalysers – is launching a new fat-burning monitoring device to the UK market.

The Ketoscan Lite is a pocket-sized device that’s ideal for optimising diet plans and exercise programmes, including the keto diet. Blow into the mouthpiece for just two seconds, and within one minute an accurate result is recorded on the digital display.

The Ketoscan Lite works by measuring the concentration of ketones (acetone) in exhaled breath. Readings are provided on an LED display, indicating the speed at which the body is burning fat.

Readings from the Ketoscan Lite help users to tailor their own high-fat, low-carb diets and exercise plans to ensure optimal weight loss and good health.

A sister product to the Ketoscan Mini, launched by AlcoDigital in 2019, the Lite is highly portable and hygienic, and powered by two AA batteries which are included with the device

Although the Lite does not have Bluetooth connectivity, its results can be inputted into the Ketoscan app, which then syncs with popular carb manager app FatSecret. Via the app, users can closely monitor their own personalised goals and check progress whether at home or out and about.

For athletes on a strict keto diet, burning fat too fast can become a problem. The Ketoscan Lite helps athletes to avoid this issue and stay on track with a healthy fitness regime.

Suzannah Robin, Director of AlcoDigital –  the sole distributors of Ketoscan Lite in the UK – said:

“Diet fads come and go, but the keto lifestyle seems to be gaining popularity all over the world. Cutting back on carbs and replacing them with fats can be quite a drastic change for many, so it’s important to monitor your body’s reaction and the way your metabolism adapts. The Ketoscan Lite is the perfect piece of kit to keep you on track with your own personal goals.”

The Ketoscan Lite will retail at £99.95 and is available with free UK delivery from  https://www.ketoscanmini.co.uk/product/ketoscan-lite/.