AN ARCHITECT at the cutting edge of a technological revolution sweeping through the construction industry has been appointed to two key positions.

BIM Strategy Ltd, a division of Niven Architects, has made John Adams a director as he spearheads the practice’s hi-tech approach to design.

His expertise has also seen him being invited to join the Tees Valley Digital Strategy Board, a driving force in a movement to make the region a technology hub.

Darlington-based Niven Architects are at the cutting edge of a revolution transforming a global industry.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) uses digital technology in the construction process and management of buildings for their complete life cycle. It is proving so crucial to the construction industry because it brings together a host of professionals and tradesmen who then work from a single set of three-dimensional plans for projects of all sizes.

The BIM model sits in the cloud replacing conventional plans. Because the model contains all relevant details of the scheme it allows for more accurate costs, helps with ordering materials and results in less waste.

Contractors have been told they must be BIM compliant in order to bid for Government contracts and Niven Architects are among a handful of practices leading the way in the cutting edge technology and processes.

Mr Adams said: “Becoming a director will allow me to push the business in a direction I feel it needs to go to make us nationally and internationally relevant at a time of such radical change.

“Being at the forefront of this new technology will allow the practice to offer the very best skills and make such services accessible to the region.”

He said the aim was to mobilise a process change in the construction industry which would save clients money, boost efficiency and stimulate the global building programme.

“I feel very proud to be leading this,” he said. “We are at a very exciting stage of the business, which we are hoping to grow in the region and we are also having talks with interested parties in Germany, China and the Middle East.”

John was also asked to join the Tees Valley Digital Strategy Board, which is trying to capitalise on the digital revolution to boost prosperity in the region.

“The board is looking at every aspect, including producing a skilled workforce, accessing funds and creating good jobs,” he said. “I’m trying to make sure the construction industry is represented.

“The Tees Valley is home to an awful lot of construction supply chain businesses and the concern is that if they don’t keep pace with technology these companies could be left behind.”