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Key Features You Need in Your Web-Based Time Clock Software

ByDave Stopher

May 24, 2021

Are you still manually monitoring and logging your employees’ attendance and work hours? If yes, it is high time you get rid of the traditional processes and welcome the advanced web based timeclock software.

Be it a corporate or a small business, the need to maintain an accurate record of the employees’ attendance, leave, and working hours remains the same. Entering endless numbers in the spreadsheets and registers all day long is a dreary process with high chances of inefficiencies and human errors.

Fortunately, the endless features and functionalities offered by the time clock features can save you from heaps of paperwork. But when it comes to choosing a solution, these features can give you a hard time. To make it easy, here are some key elements that you must look for in time clock software.

Adaptable Interface

A good user interface is essential because it facilitates better interaction between the web application and the user. The interface is a point where users interact with the website they are using, in this case, the web based time clock software.

Different features come together to make a flexible interface, from visual design to information architecture and interactive design. When it comes to time clock software, navigation remains a paint point. If the platform you choose has a cluttered and confusing interface, it can turn out to be a counter-productive solution rather than aiding the process.

As most of the software is web-based, it offers adaptability during access- a device with a good internet connection is the only requirement for the software. In addition to efficient accessibility, most of the solutions also come with smartphone applications which can be very useful for remote workers.

Advanced Additional Features

Besides tracking time, the web-based time clock solution should provide additional features which can help improve workflow and minimize the workload. The primary time clock solutions often come with rudimentary features like overtime calculation, automated leave tracking, and pictures upon punching features. On top of these, IP address locking, geofencing, facial recognition, and other advanced features can make the solution more feasible.

Before looking for time clock software, come up with a list of essential features which will help progress your business processes. For instance, if your employees are attempting time theft in the form of buddy punching, make biometric features your top priority in a web-based time clock solution.

All-Inclusive Reporting Interface

Make sure that the web-based time-clock software you choose provides comprehensive reporting features. Think about how the data will be used and what benefit you can reap from it. This recorded data contributes to one of the most critical processes in a business, that is, job costing. The employees should have an accurate time card that will record their daily spending time.

Choose the software that provides inclusive features like payroll reporting, job costing, and attendance. Also, check whether the reports can be customized and exported in multiple formats through different options.

Integrated Payroll Option

Payroll processing and time tracking are two courses that work synchronously. So, you must find a web-based time clock solution tuned with either your payroll solutions or any other third-party payroll solutions.

If the software you have in mind offers a trial option, without much thought, sign up for it and experience how the payroll integration feature works. The payroll integration procedure should be smooth sailing and easy to grasp to anyone and everyone. Or else, you may have to face trouble at the end of every pay period while attempting to process the payroll.

Round the Clock Customer Service

Though not a functional attribute, customer service does remain on the top of the list of the must-have features of a web-based time clock solution. Many software solutions provide various support channels in live chat, phone calls, and mail. Among these, you must choose which medium suits you and your business the best.

One way to determine the quality of good customer service offered by a particular software solution is by checking out the customer reviews and testimonials. Negative reviews are the first signs of poor customer support.

If there is an option to try out the software for a limited number of days, including the customer service feature, you can very well go ahead and get a good look at how efficient the replies are. With this, you can gauge the typical response time, the support experience, and how much they value the customer experience.

Before choosing time clock software, do some thorough research and shortlist the ones which offer the features that you are looking for. Make use of the free trial option and get hands-on experience by testing the features of the application. Finally, choose the one which you find the most compatible for your business.