Team Millennium Celebrate at the end momentous Night for them and for Blyth2016 so far has seen Blyth Sports Centre become a major sporting venue and Saturday 2nd July saw its biggest show yet. For their ‘Home Show’, Millennium brought some of the biggest names in the international fight-game to fight alongside Blyth lads at the start of their careers who are showing incredible promise under the guidance of Tony and Carole Cunningham and the Millennium team.

As coaches, fighters and Millennium family members – the lads who range from 15–39 are so dedicated to the gym, their training partners and their own progression, that they’re an inspiration to the scores of kids and adults who now use the gym in King Street, Blyth, to train in general fitness, boxing or kickboxing.

With over 800 people congregating on Blyth Sport Centre, the support for the various members of the Blyth community who stepped into the ring was infectious and has sent people away to their own hometowns both in the UK and outside of it, talking about the best show that they’ve seen this year!

Dom from industry-recognised kickboxing website described the show as an “epic night” which “may have been one of (his) favourite events” that he’s covered.

The fact that Millennium won 7 of their 9 fights is the cherry on the top of a truly great event and a defining moment for Blyth and the turning-around of the perception of our town, by those looking in. The show has been described by those in the know from all over the world, as one of the best for venue, production, standard of fights, organisation, atmosphere and community spirit.

In the run up to the show, the anticipation based on what Millennium have pulled off in Blyth before this through their previous Home Shows, pulled in fight magazines wanting to cover the event, a world-famous commentary team (Vinnie Shoreman and Gavin Steritt) and over 800 people from the local community and beyond!

In the aftermath, the anticipation for the next show and for what the Millennium team will continue to achieve in Blyth is huge. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, the gym is open to everyone of all ages and abilities with classes suitable for complete beginners to professionals and everyone in between. They also have great circuit classes for all-round fitness, if you just want to work on your fitness in an inspiring and welcoming environment.

Check out ‘Millennium Martial Arts’ on Facebook for timetable details!

Blyth is also celebrating this week as Kian Musgrove, the little boy who’s lifesaving cancer treatment was fundraised for through February’s epic event ‘Fight for Kian’ also held at Blyth Sports Centre – with 20 famous comedians fighting each other in sponsored amateur bouts – flew out to the US to start his treatment after raising the whopping £600,000 he needs!



Leighton Robinson (millennium) vs Kai Clews (the manor) – Leighton wins points

Brooke Coulson (Millennium) vs Charlee Coatsworth (Spartan gym) – Brooke wins points

Charlotte Thompson (KO Kickboxing) vs Megan Williams (Suggys gym) – Draw

Liam Bowmaker (Millennium) vs Aiden Foster (Phoenix MT) – Aiden wins points

Thai – Brandon Barry (Jai Suu) vs Shaun Cuthbert (Force Fitness) – Shaun wins points


Darren Walker (Manor Thai) vs Phelan Blenkarn (Northern Kings) – Phelan wins TKO

Dean Scott (manor) vs Craig Coatsworth (Spartan) – Dean wins points

Ben Exley (impact martial arts) vs Michael McTavy (Kui-Ling) – Michael wins KO

Nathan Ryder (millennium) vs Anthony Johnson (the factory) – Nathan wins points

Dawn Mitchell (team Jan Cree) vs Nicole wood (Kui-Ling) – Nicole wins points

Andrew Hancill (Jai Suu) vs Nathan Smith (Phoenix) – Andrew wins points

Kevin smiles (millennium) vs Celio Wagner (Suggys) – Kevin wins points

Ross Laidlaw (millennium) vs Christian Jopling (MASAC) – Christian wins KO

Main card:

Robert Barry (manor) vs Bailey sugden (Suggys gym) – Bailey wins points

Connor Long (Millennium) vs Andrew Liddell (Contender Fight Acamdey) – Connor wins KO

John Cairns (millennium) vs Tom Russell (the fight academy) – John wins on points

Rayko Levitchi (SCA) vs Martin Sweeney (Kokoro gym) – Martin wins on points (accidental cut, fight cut short)

Kyle Todd (Millennium) vs Dean Fatkin (The Faktory) – Kyle wins points. Extended to four rounds.

Catalin Filimon (SCA) vs Juan Cervantes (Northern Kings) – Juan wins by third round TKO

Andrei Ostrovanu (SCA) vs Reece McAllister (Phoenix) – Reece wins by TKO in second round.