A landmark new history from design journalist Nick Hull, Land Rover Design – 70 years of Success offers a detailed insight to the company’s design story, from the early days of Land Rover in Solihull to the latest generation of the Range Rover Velar in 2018.

The Land Rover was born from a desperate need by the Rover Company to develop a stop-gap model to provide cashflow in the post-war years. The original aim of a simple 4×4 agricultural tool soon developed into a multi-purpose vehicle that became the mainstay of the British Army and produced numerous offshoots for the emergency services, police, forestry and aid agencies worldwide.

This book details the personalities involved in the various projects since the late 1940s up to today: the designers, modellers and studio engineers. It charts the development of Land Rover and Range Rover projects in the UK, particularly those designed in the Gaydon studio that opened in 1996, and is still a key part of JLR’s design resource. From the early days of chalk drawings and wooden models to today’s digital renderings and milled clays for the latest Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover’s designers and technicians have never been short of creativity. This book tells their story, in their own words, and is a fitting tribute to the spirit and ethos of Land Rover design and engineering.

Land Rover Design – 70 years of success by Nick Hull

ISBN: 9781845849870

UPC: 6-36847-04987-4


£50.00(UK), $80.00(US), 104.00(CAN)


  • Formerly unpublished photos of design sketches and prototype models
  • In-depth interviews with Land Rover designers past and present
  • The birth of the Land Rover and the arrival of David Bache
  • Range Rover Velar development 1967-70
  • 1970s and 1980s stillborn ideas – SD5, Llama and Challenger
  • Complete list of Land Rover project codes and a Design Glossary 
  • P38A Range Rover and Drayton Road studio
  • BMW take control in 1990s: Freelander and L322 Range Rover 
  • The Ford years: Range Stormer concept, Freelander 2, Discovery 3
  • The arrival of Gerry McGovern and Tata: Range Rover Evoque and Velar