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Launch of Corporate Away Days – focused on delivering events centred on Employee Wellbeing

Corporate Away Days is a new company with employee wellbeing at its heart.

Launched by Craig Bulow, Corporate Away Days creates events that bring individuals and teams together in a social environment. Rather than simply focusing on team building productivity or creativity, Corporate Away Days puts wellbeing at the forefront. This can be through events delivering wellbeing advice and expertise in an engaging and fun format, or events that actually deliver health benefits.

For example, a day trip to the world’s oldest Oyster Farm is a great way to reconnect with nature, get fresh, clean air and gentle exercise, clear the brain and blow away any stress – while learning something new and having fun.

Other away days on offer include: cookery classes; dance lessons; learning about film making and experiencing the arts; a full-on pamper session at a Spa; experiencing how our ancestors battled their life challenges by being a Tudor for the Day; soaking up the atmosphere of a live sporting event; or getting drenched in the sound of some of the world’s top musicians.

For experiences, learning and relationships to be effective, it’s important to be in the moment; to be present. This form of mindfulness helps ensure all our senses are working, including our intuition, our compassion and our creativity.

Being mindful helps us generate solutions to problems, it stops us from reacting without any forethought. All of these are important skills within an organisation – and all of them benefit from the type of experiences that Corporate Away Days offers.

“Often corporate team building days take the body out of the office but keep the brain in the same work-related patters. We aim to change that – we take employees to places they may not have been before, to learn activities they may know nothing about, and to get them reconnected with their creativity and curiosity.

“So many people suffer from stress related illnesses and more and more are experiencing mental health challenges, so it’s important for employers to take care of their staff and consider their mental health. Taking them out of their usual environment is a great way to do that – and it creates some great shared memories for the team.” Explains founder Craig Bulow.

Having been lucky enough to travel much of the world and experience many unique events, activities, scenery, cuisines and cultures, Craig noticed that it was always the people he shared the experience with that he remembered the most and made the biggest impact.

‘The connections and friendships created by sharing an experience really do make a positive impact to our mental health and our enjoyment of work – overall this gives a massive boost to wellbeing.” says Craig.

Corporate Away Days also deliver wellbeing and mindfulness training delivered by leading experts in their field.

The away days, although geared around employee wellbeing, are also great for reward and incentive schemes – and can be gifted in the knowledge that they are also helping improve employee health.

Corporate Away Days also designs Wellbeing Policies for companies wishing to create a policy that cares for their staff and is in-line with the company values and branding and works in association with Minds At Work and Heads Together.

“One of the best ways to boost productivity, creativity and staff retention is to look after the health and wellbeing of your staff. So, by giving your staff an away day focused on keeping them well is a win-win for everyone.” Said Craig.

“Building a finance recruitment company over the last 15 years has shown me just how important wellbeing is. Having placed 100s of staff over the years, I wanted to take the next step and help ensure they remain happy, engaged and fulfilled. With the speed at which we live today, and the ever-increasing demands to get ahead, I believe now is the time to focus on wellbeing as a priority. Not just for those individuals but for everyone – after all, it is impossible to help others until we are OK ourselves.

For more information about Corporate Away Days see: https://www.corporate-away-days.co.uk

Corporate Away Days

Corporate Away Days is a corporate wellbeing events company delivering engaging, inspiring and exciting events focussed on Mindfulness / Wellbeing and Reward / Recognition activities. Corporate Away Days also creates, designs and builds corporate wellbeing policies and provides leading experts for interactive workshops, seminars and talks on improving mental health and overall wellbeing.

Every Corporate Away Days event and activity is chosen with wellbeing as its focus, helping to encourage employee engagement, foster connections and build relationships within the business.

Web: http://www.corporate-away-days.co.uk/

Instagram: corporateawaydays

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/craig-bulow-3b227721/ and https://www.linkedin.com/company/corporate-away-days/

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