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Leading North East solicitor warns against conveyancing scam

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.08.45A COUNTY Durham firm of solicitors is warning house buyers to be on their guard from on-line scammers.

A recent case in which a couple lost their £45,000 deposit to cyber criminals posing as their solicitors who asked for money to be sent to a different account, highlights the extent of the problem.

And now conveyancing expert Richard Swinbank of Durham-based EMG Solicitors has revealed that his company is issuing clients with guidelines to ensure that it doesn’t happen to them.

“This was a terrible case and was devastating for the couple concerned and just highlights how clever these account hackers can be,” said Richard.

“We now give all of our house buying clients’ guidelines, warning them about being contacted by fraudsters and never changing the bank account details they are given, no matter how plausible an email may look.

“Many people aren’t aware that this scam is going on until it’s too late, which is why we are now ensuring that all of our clients are made aware and can be extra vigilant.”

EMG Solicitors also encourage clients to ring up and check if they are uncertain about any transactions.

Computer hackers are currently targeting homebuyers nationwide by monitoring emails between solicitors and their clients, searching for anywhere where cash transactions are being discussed.

The fraudsters try to discover when the transaction will take place and then sent the buyer an email, purporting to be from their solicitor, with details of another account the money needs to be paid in to.

“We are ensuring that nothing like this can ever happen to any of our clients by making them fully aware that fraudsters are trying this and to always contact us if they’re unsure.”

EMG Solicitors is based at Durham’s Rivergreen Centre and was set up in 2014 by Court of Protection expert Emma Gaudern, EMG Solicitors.

The firm now offers a range of services, including all aspects of family law, divorce, Powers of Attorney, deputyship, Wills, trusts and probate, personal injury trusts and disputes.

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