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Learning About the Investing in Bitcoin

ByDave Stopher

Nov 29, 2021

There are many different opinions on the subject of which coins are better than others; however, when it comes to the topic of Bitcoins, there is very little diversity of opinions. Why is this? Is it because all other existing conventional money is considered bad compared to bitcoins? Are bitcoins better than US dollars? Is it because everyone knows about it, and therefore there is no need to make up our own mind about it?

These are just a few of the possible questions that arise when you talk about bitcoins. To begin with, we can talk about the two major ways in which bitcoins are transferred, either by individuals or by businesses. 

Peer 2 Peer Technology 

One of these ways is through peer-to-peer lending, where two people each hold half of a digital coin which is used to facilitate instant transfer of funds between them. This is often done through websites called ‘advisors’ or ‘centers’, where you can get access to this service without actually needing to download any software.


The other way is through the decentralized distributed ledger, also known as the blockchain. The problem with the centralized method is that it is limited in its scope and capacity to handle larger volumes of digital currency. What happens is that every time a transaction occurs, the whole record of it is stored in the form of a database. Because of this, it becomes very costly to make changes to this system because of the costs involved in making and updating the database. This is why most investors prefer the peer-to-peer lending option because it is far more cost-effective and secure than the centralized system.

Secure Transactions

However, there is no denying the fact that the main benefit of this system is that it has something to offer to all investors out there. Unlike the traditional financial institutions, the blocks of transactions are built on a distributed and secured database, called the ‘blockchain’. This is what makes the entire system work. Each participant in the Peer To Peer lending market is assigned a unique digital certificate that serves as proof that the particular asset is being lent. Transactions are secured by the asset’s encryption and digital signature, further ensuring the authenticity of the data as well as the legitimacy of the lending process.

Privacy Protection

One thing that is good about this option is that it reduces the need for trust between users and brokers. With the traditional financial markets, there is always the need for investors to share personal and financial information which is not only complicated but also risky to do so. 

The situation becomes even worse for small traders and individual investors who are at a great disadvantage when it comes to dealing with institutions and banks because of their huge reliance on proprietary trading platforms like quantum ai that require them to hand over private keys and other confidential information. In the case of the bitcoin system, this feature eliminates one of the biggest disadvantages of using this financial instrument – the need to share private keys and information. Also known as the gold algorithm, this feature is one of the most important benefits associated with investing in any form of the digital asset. 

After all, who would want to invest in gold if not for its intrinsic value? However, even with this benefit, there are still many investors out there who choose to invest in other precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. In the case of bitcoins, this choice is especially popular because it allows for privacy and protection from misuse by hackers and other cybercriminals. In a way, this feature protects the bitcoin network from abuse and theft which is another good reason why many investors choose to invest in these alternative currencies.

Lack of Liquidity 

The next advantage and disadvantage of this type of investment is that it lacks any liquidity. Unlike traditional fiat currencies, there is no such thing as a physical asset that can be turned into cash that can be traded back and forth between buyers and sellers. Because of this, there is no way that buyers can gain access to the underlying assets and settle their trades unlike in a traditional market where institutions and banks make trades on a daily basis.

This downside may seem surprising given that the ability to create wealth using this asset seems so appealing but it is actually also one of the biggest advantages of the bitcoin ledger. Unlike traditional finance instruments, the ability to trade on the decentralized currency is open to anyone who can get their hands on a legitimate private server. As long as you have the right computer and internet connection, then you have the opportunity to become the owner of your very own virtual asset. While the lack of liquidity may be a downside for some people, the numerous pros of bitcoin make it an attractive investment vehicle.