Lil peep a name of a brand. A brand himself. A brand which is walking around the world. And the world just stand watching him going him away. If we look at Peep’s life he saw many hardships. As his parents’ relation were not good. They separated from each other.

This makes Peep a lonely boy. And this sorrow had always he shown in his songs and mix tapes. Lil Peep had to leave his high school in early stage. He took the step to make an online geek .He made a many of his friend online there. To that extent he was eager to meet his online friends.

This make him to travel as he thought to meet his online friends, he moved to Los Angles.  During his online duration he started to talk with Craig Xeon online and then he was came across by JGRXXN who is in much need of singer. There he started his music and singing career. Lil peep was in the leadings in the race of fashion. He also attended many fashion performances. Lil peep girlfriend named Arzaylea Rodriguezwas the one who were very close to him.


His song crybaby has hit a million of views on you tube and this numbers is still growing rapidly. His followers on you tube are around 7 million. And many other type of platforms there are tons are followers there but it’s a sorrow that no one is going to watch and look after these accounts.


Merchandise is one of the important factor that took major part in the life of all people. Fans of the celebrities show their respect and love through wearing their merchandise. Lil Peep Merch going high on the sky right after his death. The merchandise trend which he started unfortunately cannot be able to see it. In his merchandise you will find hats, phone cases, shoes,  XXXtentacion Hoodie, jackets, t shirt and full sleeves etc.

Musical Career:

He started his musical career as all that poor kids starts but no one knows that this boy could gain this level of popularity. His album ‘come back when you are sober ‘hit a big milestone. His fans began to grow. But unfortunately his fan rate increases very rapidly after his death. Mean to say that he was not able to enjoy his greatest fan base. Like other famous albums some of them are Star Shopping, Falling down – Bonus Track, Save the Shit, Beamer Boy etc.


Unfortunately he died in 21. It is just small age and it is that kind of an age when a being has an urge to enjoy his life. His death reason was high dose of drugs. Everyone who is in this age wants to shake the world. But he could not do this.

Lil Peep had a close relationship with his mother. He always felt lonely because of this we found a sense of sorrow in his albums. It is very strange that a person who had almost everything including a big fan base felt so lonely. He had everything but he lost his everything – his mother. Mother’s affection cannot be replaced. That’s what makes the fans sorrow.