• Thu. May 30th, 2024

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Lions’ table tennis gift receives roar of approval from students

BALL happy boys and girls are batting away their break times thanks to the generosity of a local charity.

Lions Club members have donated two outdoor table tennis tables so students at St Aidan’s Academy, Darlington, can hone their skills and boost their health and fitness.

The new facilities, worth several thousands pounds, are putting the bounce into students of all ages as they organise tournaments and fixtures in their spare time.

Darlington Lions Club president Jenny Lumley said: “We are involved in fundraising for good causes all year round and what better outcome than helping young people improve their health and wellbeing like this.”

Assistant vice principal Anthony Martin said the tables were proving popular with all year groups.

“It has provided the school with another sport and appeals to those students who don’t just want to play netball or football,” he said.

“It is a great way to keep them active during break times and is helping them develop skills, not just table tennis, but also in organising the equipment, teams and fixtures.”

Principal Nicole Gibbon added: “It is such a generous gift and is already boosting young people’s sense of responsibility, self confidence and team spirit, while creating a healthy degree of competition and sportsmanship, values we are always keen to promote in school.”

Taylor Hudson, 11, said: “I have had a go and really enjoyed it. I am new to the school and it is helping me make more friends.”

Lacey Baldwin, 11, added: “It is great fun and something worthwhile to do at break times.”