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List of the Top public parks in the North East of England?


Dec 9, 2023

List of the Top Public Parks in the North East of England

The North East of England offers a plethora of beautiful public parks that provide a sanctuary for locals and visitors alike. From vibrant flower gardens to expansive open spaces, these parks offer a place to relax, enjoy nature, and engage in various recreational activities. Here are some of the top public parks in the North East of England:

1. Exhibition Park – Newcastle upon Tyne

Located in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, Exhibition Park is a charming green space that spans over 12 acres. The park features stunning flowerbeds, a boating lake, and a playground, making it the perfect destination for families. With its well-preserved Victorian bandstand and picturesque landscaping, Exhibition Park offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city center.

2. Saltwell Park – Gateshead

Regarded as one of the finest examples of a Victorian park, Saltwell Park in Gateshead is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Spanning over 55 acres, the park boasts meticulously maintained gardens, woodlands, and even a small zoo. Families can enjoy the extensive play areas, while nature enthusiasts can explore the wildlife trails and admire the stunning rose garden. The park also hosts regular events and exhibitions, ensuring there is always something to enjoy.

3. Alnwick Garden – Alnwick

Although not officially classified as a public park, the Alnwick Garden in the town of Alnwick is undoubtedly worthy of mention. This award-winning attraction offers an enchanting experience with its beautifully manicured gardens and unique features. Visitors can explore the Poison Garden, marvel at the Grand Cascade—an impressive water feature, and wander through the enchanting Treehouse Restaurant. Alnwick Garden is a magical destination that combines horticultural beauty with innovative design.

4. Herrington Country Park – Sunderland

Located in Sunderland, Herrington Country Park covers over 178 acres and is regarded as one of the largest parks in the North East. The park offers stunning views of the nearby Penshaw Monument and features rolling meadows, woodlands, and a picturesque lake. Visitors can enjoy walking or cycling along the various trails, or even take part in the water sports activities available on the lake. With ample space for picnics and numerous play areas for children, Herrington Country Park is a fantastic destination for the whole family.

5. Leazes Park – Newcastle upon Tyne

Established in 1873, Leazes Park is one of the oldest parks in the North East and offers a delightful escape from the city center of Newcastle. The park boasts well-maintained flower beds, a tranquil lake, and a pavilion that hosts occasional concerts and events. Leazes Park is also home to a modern sports center and tennis courts for those looking to engage in outdoor activities.

These are just a few of the top public parks in the North East of England. Each park offers its own unique charm and array of activities, making them popular destinations for both locals and tourists. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat in nature or a vibrant space for recreation, the North East’s public parks are sure to impress.

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