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Local businessman provides ‘back to school’ packs for struggling families


Sep 10, 2021

Local roofing company director, Grant Findley, has been working hard to bring his highly successful 2018 ‘Kool 4 Skool’ project into 2021. The idea behind the plan is to help struggling families equip their children with all the necessary items for the new school year.

The team at the Hartlepool-based roofing company, Findley Roofing, worked alongside their director to produce a total of 60 ‘back to school’ packs for a chosen infant school, a junior school, and a secondary school in the North East Region – 20 packs per school. Each trendy backpack will include fundamental school supplies such as stationery, a water bottle, and a clothing voucher.

The end of the summer holidays marks a frantic time for parents as they scramble to get the equipment and clothing items needed for the new school year – and as many of us will know, none of this comes cheap. This project should therefore provide some well-needed relief.

The business doesn’t shy from charity work

The business, which offers its roofing services right across the region, is no stranger to charity work and giving back to the community. The ‘Kool 4 School’ project is just one of a few that the company has worked hard to ensure the North East benefits from. This one is slightly different, however, as it’s close to Grant Findley’s heart.

The director said: “My mum was a lone parent who worked night and day to bring up three of us in Tyneside. She did so much for us and gave us everything, but I still felt a little sad at the start of term when I saw lots of the other kids with their brand-new gear.

“I didn’t understand all the sacrifices she made then although she taught me how important education was, a lesson which I learned and I pass on to everyone I meet. Parents have so much on these days like putting food on the table and keeping the lights on that they might not be able to get the latest shoes and bags the kids need.

“This is where we want to help and give back. We have put together the ‘Kool 4 Skool’ packs and vouchers to help struggling families and lone parents kit their kids out and start school with a spring in their step.

“We can’t help everyone in the North East but we can help some people and that’s what we’d like to do. A new coat or bag might not be a major purchase for every family but for some children it can be a magical feeling and give them the boost they need to really succeed at school – who knows where that could take them?”

Grant will be deciding which three schools he’ll donate the packs to, information which we’ll have very shortly.  You can find out more about Findley Roofing by visiting their website, www.findleyroofing.co.uk.