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Local Procurement Company Rolls out Project across Southeast Asia

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 13.58.35Trade Interchange, a local supplier management software company, is rolling out projects worldwide, and is now heading for Southeast Asia.

Based in Stockton, Trade Interchange is a small company that produces ARCUS® cloud based software which helps organisations reduce the costs, risks and complexities associated with managing a large supplier base.

One of its key clients is Sodexo, the world’s leading services company which delivers food and facilities management services in 80 countries. Recently Mike Edmunds, Technical Director at Trade Interchange, visited Sodexo’s regional hub in Singapore to begin the implementation of the ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) module across Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Sodexo uses the ARCUS® SIM module as part of its risk management process. SIM provides Sodexo with a 360° view of supplier information through the use of tailored questionnaires for suppliers to complete, which ensures compliance and helps with supplier discovery and selection.

Mike said: “The trip was fantastic, it’s really great to see a large organisation like Sodexo implement our modules, which are all developed at our office in Stockton.

“I have worked with Sodexo’s procurement teams across the globe, and I am always impressed by the consistent professionalism and enthusiasm of the people I meet.

“We were able to kick-start the project with a five day programme that included three days of workshop. Using this approach, Trade Interchange is on-target to knock one week off its twelve week implementation record. Which is no mean feat, considering the project includes six countries, five languages and large geographic distances.”

There are also a further four modules within Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® platform. These include a tender and quotation module (eRFX), an online negotiation and auction facility (eAuction), a contract management module (SCM) which is also used by Sodexo, and a supplier scoring and rating module (SS). The modules are connected via a central hub based around supplier information management and give a comprehensive view of a company’s supplier information, eSourcing activity, supplier contracts and supplier performance.

Mike continued: “Sodexo is a global organisation that succeeds in retaining the personality of a small business, and there is a real sense of community – and this is ideal for Trade Interchange as we attribute and have the same morals and values, and more to the point, we ourselves are a small company.

“It’s really exciting knowing that our software is becoming a global necessity for some companies, and we can’t wait to see where the ARCUS® platform takes us next.”

To find out more about Trade Interchange and its ARCUS® modules, visit the website at, or email

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