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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

Oliver Randall established The Change Consultancy just six months ago following a career in change management.  As well as offering a consultancy service, Oliver is also developing feedback apps which allow customers to provide instant feedback to companies.  Oliver explains:

“Having previously worked with feedback systems within the NHS, I came to realise that feedback apps could work well alongside change management.  The idea is that the organisation will receive feedback which will drive change to help them improve the customer experience. 

“By having the app it helps the company get ahead of the game using the feedback to continuously grow and improve. It shows the customer how much they value opinions by allowing them to comment on the service they have received.  If the company then needs help implementing change, I can provide support to help manage those changes.”

Oliver initially worked from home just a few minutes’ drive from Business Central.  After three months Oliver decided to look for a more suitable and professional base.  He added:

“Working from home was okay when I was just starting out.  But over time it became apparent that it just wasn’t practical.  I had visited Tedco Business Support at Business Central and really liked the look of the building.  I also had a conversation with a company based there and they had nothing but compliments about the centre.

“Within the first morning of working in the Business Lounge, I’d completed more work than I would have in three days working from home.  It’s a great place to be, a friendly professional environment not only to work in but to meet my customers. The telephone answering service is excellent too especially when I can’t take those all-important phone calls.

“I am delighted to say that two of the businesses based within the centre have become clients of mine so I have already benefited from being part of the community and the co-working facility. As the business continues to grow I will look to expand and have my own office here.”

Centre manager Vanessa Wood commented:

“The Open Space Business Lounge is perfect for people who require a flexible working space.  It is specially designed for businesses who maybe don’t yet require a fixed office space.

“The Change Consultancy is just one of many businesses who have benefited from using this facility and I look forward to seeing Oliver get his business off the ground and grow.”

For more information about The Change Consultancy visit www.thechangeconsultancy.co

For more information regarding the facilities at Business Central call 01325 526006.

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