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London Stansted ranked amongst the worst in the world for flight delays

2019 is expected to set a new record for the number of scheduled air passengers and it’s estimated almost 4.6 billion will fly to their travel destinations this year alone.

With this in mind, luggage storage network, Stasher, has standardised the latest data available* to reveal which airports around the world have the most and least flight delays.

Those travelling around Europe are the most likely to face flight delays, as six of the worst ten performing airports are located on the continent.

In 2018, an investigation revealed Stansted to be the worst airport in the UK for flight delays. Stansted blamed this on “adverse weather and air traffic control issues”. However, it also comes second globally for the highest number of delays (2.59) in Stasher’s most recent study.

The airport does seem to be taking its negative reputation seriously though and reports reveal it has received a multimillion-pound investment from Ryanair to help deliver significant service improvements to flight punctuality.

Other UK airports included in the study also performed badly, with Manchester Airport in 96th place, Gatwick Airport in 93rd and Heathrow Airport in 65th.

Those travelling to exotic and luxury destinations like Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam (which are very popular with honeymooners) are, ironically, also likely to experience flight delays. Completing the bottom five is Brussels Airport (3.46) and Lisbon Airport (3.68).

# Bottom 10 global airports with the most flight delays Country Score # Top 10 global  airports with the least flight delays Country Score
106 Soekarno-Hatta Int Airport Indonesia 0.00 1 Sheremetyevo Int Airport Russia 10.00
105 London Stansted Airport England 2.59 2 Tokyo Haneda Airport Japan 8.91
104 Ninoy Aquinto Int Airport Philippines 3.17 3 Tenerife North Airport Spain 8.60
103 Brussels Airport Belgium 3.46 4 Kansai Int Airport Japan 8.30
102 Lisbon Airport Portugal 3.68 5 Mariscal Sucre Int Airport Ecuador 8.21
101 Tan Son Nhat Int Airport Vietnam 3.73 6 Shanghai Hongqiao Int Airport China 8.18
100 Charles de Gaulle Airport France 4.10 7 Cape Town Int Airport South Africa 8.01
99 Cairo Int Airport Egypt 4.26 8 Shanghai Pudong Int Airport China 7.96
98 Frankfurt am Main Airport Germany 4.43 9 Taoyuan Int Airport Taiwan 7.96
97 Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport Spain 4.49 10 King Shaka Int Airport South Africa 7.96

Soekarno-Hatta International airport in Indonesia (0.00) has the highest number of delayed flights in the world, followed by The Philippines’ Ninoy Aquinto Airport in Manila in third place (3.17) and Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Vietnam in sixth (3.73).

These results could be due to South-East Asia’s growing number of business travellers and tourists and the related infrastructure which has failed to keep up with this surge in demand.

In fact, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to experience 5.5 percent growth in passenger air traffic, compared with an estimated world average of 4.4 percent. Flights in the region are also frequently impacted by unpredictable, adverse weather conditions, especially during local rainy seasons.

In contrast, half of the top ten highest-scoring airports are based in East-Asia. Tokyo Haneda Airport (8.91) and Kansai International (8.30) in Japan, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (8.18) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (7.96) in China and Taoyuan International Airport (7.96) in Taiwan all achieve excellent scores for their low number of delayed flights.

Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia had the fewest number of delays globally. It was the only airport with less than 10 percent of delayed flights over a year. Just 6 percent of flights were delayed for longer than 15 minutes.

It is also ranked as the overall best airport in the world in Stasher’s study**, receiving top scores for key categories including affordable parking costs, the number of lounges it offers passengers and airport hotel quality.

Commenting on the findings, Stasher’s Co-Founder and CCO Anthony Collias said:

“There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at an airport in good time to find out your flight is delayed.


“Our latest study has produced some fascinating and unexpected results. It’s great to see so many airports with a low flight delay rating, and those who are underperforming, investing money and expanding infrastructure to improve passenger experience.”


To see the full data for each airport, please visit Stasher’s dedicated webpage here.