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London Tube Strike: Uber Set To Charge 150% More For Riders Today

With London set to face yet another tube strike on five of their main lines this Friday, many will be left with no other option than to call a taxi to work to avoid delays.

But a recent study from Essential Living, which looks at the cost of Uber services around the world, has revealed that London has one of the lowest costing Uber services in the world, placing 24th on a list of 38 major cities.

With the average 3km (1.8 miles) taxi ride across 38 countries costing £8.47, London’s average cost was £6.61 for the same distance. That’s the same distance from Oxford Street to the University of London.

However, when it comes to surge charging, Ubers in London see a 150% increase, with the same 3km fare costing riders £16.56. This means travellers who are looking to catch an Uber during London’s tube strike will be severely out of pocket if there is an influx of app users tonight.

The study also found:

Nick Woodward at Essential Living says “Recent years have seen a lot of mixed reviews with Uber in the capital and even more so now they have raised their prices to lure in new drivers.

“And now with planned tube strike action taking place across most of the Christmas period, commuters are left being even more reliant on taxi services as they make their way home from their nights out.

“With increased demand expected on taxis, it’s imperative that those heading out plan ahead on their journey beforehand, so as not to get caught out by any delays.

“If you can, it’s encouraged you try and make your way home before the later hours of the evening or make alternative plans that avoid central London, where the strike action is set to take place. And, if you can’t change your plans, then scheduling your taxi in advance can often help to reduce the costs as well as ensure you make your trip safely.”

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