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Why luxe business cards are still a worthy choice

In a world where digital marketing has edged the way in terms of prominence, it can be hard to place a value on traditional marketing materials like mailings, business cards and leaflets.

Sunderland-based Where The Trade Buys, which specialises in printing services, wholeheartedly disagree, and suggest that these products are still a worthy choice for North East businesses.

Luxe business cards

Luxe business cards are three times as thick as most standard business cards, so they match the meaning of luxe itself – which evokes an image of high-quality, deluxe and luxurious products.

By handing a potential client a luxe business card, you show that you invest in quality as an organisation, and they will associate this level of quality with your organisation.

Direct mailings (postal)

When you send a potential customer a letter, you have given them a concrete and tangible representation of your business. Make sure you make the most of this time in front of them, and get your message across quickly and concisely. If you’re sending a letter, ensure you include the overall message or request in the first paragraph. If it’s a leaflet drop, it’s important that your materials look professional and reflective of your brand – with a clear call to action.

You can also determine whether your campaign has been successful by making a record of who you’ve contacted, and whether they responded to your mailing. If you’re selling a product or service – include a discount code to draw in the customer too!

Leaflets and fliers

Leaflets and fliers help you attract new customers in a more visual, attractive way. And even better – you can take them anywhere. Whenever anyone pops out of the office, they can take some with them and leave them with prospects and leads. Paper marketing materials can take an expansive range of designs, so you’re sure to find something to work for your business, your brand and your budget!

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