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Luxury hospitality decor tips and trends to look out for this summer

Ever since we transitioned to the ‘new normal’, the hospitality industry hasn’t been the same.

With technology replacing the need for human interaction through updated ordering and paying systems, the personalised touch hospitality used to bring has almost been lost.

Now, with summer here and liveliness picking up again, it is important to focus on ways to make your visitors feel welcome while providing an exclusive experience and ensuring your pubs, restaurants and hotels are aesthetically trendy too.

Start by integrating stylish decor pieces that make your hotels, restaurants, or pub gardens feel homier. Whether your style is modern or contemporary, there are staple items that can tie your look together, no matter the theme. 

While styling can consist of basic methods like adding flowers, centre-pieces or even candles, there are ways in which you can elevate the aesthetic of your design. Some of which include adding decorative pebbles or stones within your plant potters, pathways or within decor pieces such as vases and centre-pieces. You can find high quality decorative pebbles and stones at Stones 4 Gardens, while most home stores like B&Q have many plants to choose from.

Another reason why integrating plants and flowers is that adding elements of nature and neutral colours or earthy tones will promote a calm feeling and helps to purify the air. 

Lighting is also a huge influence on the atmosphere and the way in which your decor pieces are presented. Bright lights can be considered harsh while a softer, lower lighting can help accentuate the shading/contouring of your decor pieces and room structure. 


Don’t forget to upgrade your bathrooms too. Most luxury hotels, pubs and bars have a spa-like feel to their bathrooms which ultimately boosts their whole rating. Stylish bathrooms are essential when providing an overall great experience for your customers. 

You can create your own centre-piece like trays with rose petals, candles, pebbles and diffusers with relaxing oils such as lavender, or even orange to promote tranquillity.

It is now evident more than ever that when it comes to providing a first class guest experience, the aesthetics of your establishment is a high ranking factor. Whether it be lighting, adding earthy design elements or decor pieces, providing a unique and luxury experience will make your visitors definitely want to come back. 

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