1 Walli Smart Wallet, £89.99 from TheFowndry.

Do you know someone guilty of misplacing their wallet on a daily basis? Here lies the solution, it’s Walli The Smart Wallet! A smart high tech way to ensure your cash and cards are safe. Conveniently connected to your mobile device at all times, an alert will sound if your wallet gets left behind. Each Walli includes 6 card slots, 2 cash pockets and a hidden coin pocket. Made from 100% genuine leather with wrapped edges this wallet isn’t just super smart but beautifully crafted too.


2 Morpher Flat Folding Helmet, £109.99 from TheFowndry.

For those who love the freedom of the open road on two wheels check out this ingenious, lightweight flat-folding cycling helmet. Available in black, red, white, sliver and spotty print this handy helmet can be conveniently stashed in a bag, backpack or briefcase and is just as safe as your traditional helmet with a magnetic clasp for added comfort. It’s time to take to the open road.  


3 Star Wars Darth Vader Portable Bluetooth Speaker, £149.99 from TheFowndry.

Mighty and marvellous this Star Wars Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker is a near life size version of the real thing! The perfect gift for any Star Wars fan, watch as those eyes begin to glow. Pair with your mobile device for wireless music playback, or use the additional AUX cable to connect with wired devices, not to mention the freedom to make hands free calls from Darth Vader too! 


4 Stain Blue Glass Silk Scarf, £95.00 from GeorginaDee.

Add a touch of opulence to your wardrobe with this beautifully crafted satin silk scarf from Georgina Dee. This bold stain glass print will add a splash of colour from the striking use of vivid blue and purple tones, adding a certain edge and sophistication to any outfit, smart or casual.


5 WonderWoof Activity Tracker For Dogs, £99.99 from TheFowndry.

A gift for not only the owner but the pooch too, this super-cute activity monitor, fitness tracker and social network is sure to keep your ball of fluff in shape.  Determining how much activity is healthy according to your dog’s age, weight and breed. Check out the fabulous design, it’s your pooches smart doggie bowtie, which certainly beats your average dog collar!   


6 Blend Watch, £169.99 from TheFowndry.

Tell the time with a mesmerising mix of colour and theory with the Blend Watch. Beautiful yet functional this technicolour ticker is the minimalist wristwatch with maximum style. Incorporating the additive colour theory, watch as a pair of revolving, transparent, primary coloured discs reveal the hours and minutes at the points where they intersect in complementary contrasting colours.