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Magician releases book to stop magic doing a disappearing act in the north-east

Newcastle’s most popular magician has written a Geordie-themed book of magic – so the art doesn’t do a disappearing act in the north-east. Chris Cross was inspired by TV legend Paul Daniels to do magic for a living, but believes there are now too few ‘old-school’ magicians in the public eye to inspire the next generation of illusionists.

So Chris has written his own book, featuring a dozen tricks inspired by Geordie landmarks including The Angel of the North, St James’s Park and The Town Moor amongst others. The book is accompanied by a DVD featuring Geordie stars getting fooled by his tricks, including Time Healy, Soap Star Charlie Hardwick, VIZ Co-Founder Simon Donald, Lindisfarne’s Ray Laidlaw, Newcastle United Legend Malcolm Macdonald and other local celebrities.

The book also boasts a foreword by ‘The Lovely’ Debbie McGee & Illustrations by VIZ Comic Cartoonist Davey Jones.

Shops including WHSmith, The Back Page & The Central Library have all jumped at stocking Chris’s debut publication.

Chris said: “I was lucky enough to grow up to catch the tail end of the golden age of magic. People like Paul Daniels and David Copperfield were household names who inspired people across the globe. Nowadays magic is more popular than ever, but there is hardly anyone performing proper magic tricks that people can learn to do themselves. A lot of TV magicians now perform tricks that aren’t really tricks, they are more like stunts that can only be performed behind a camera or with a huge budget. Dynamo is more like a Marvel Superhero than a magician.

People like Paul Daniels did tricks that anyone can do, with practice. That’s why I wanted to do something to make sure the art of proper magic doesn’t vanish. I want to inspire the next generation to get involved and start performing tricks. If I don’t, who will? I learned my first trick when I was ten, and I hope my book will inspire others to get hooked on magic. If a 10 year old kid picks up my book and 10 years later they’re working as a full time magician, my mission will be accomplished. It’s great to keep the creative arts alive and get the younger generation into magic – they are the future of the art after all. It’s much better than giving them an iPad to play with. Give them a magic set any day – My Geordie Magic Set!”

Once a fully-fledged professional magician, Chris became friends with hero Paul. He performed alongside his idol in the region a few years ago and a tour was planned to take place last year – but Paul became ill before their scheduled show and sadly died in last March. Paul’s wife Debbie McGee, the writer of the book’s foreword, is one of a number of a celebrities to support the project.

TV star Tim Healey, Newcastle United legend Malcolm Macdonald and soap star Charlie Hardwick are among the other big names impressed by the Geordie Book of Magic, which is illustrated by VIZ Comic cartoonist Davey Jones.

Tim said: ”You’ve gotta get this book… it’s fantastic. But not only that, Chris is a top man. A top, top man. So there – buy the book!”

Chris has performed a number of incredible stunts around the city, including escaping from a straitjacket suspended 100ft upside-down over the city’s famous castle. He has also performed for some of the biggest names in show-business, including Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, the Arctic Monkeys, Alan Shearer and national and international royalty.

He is appearing alongside a cast of fellow Geordie Stars at The Tim Healy Charity Golf Day at Linden Hall on 7th September, before going on to Host his own ”Greatest Show on the Tyne Show” to Celebrate The Tyne Theatre & Opera House’s 150th Anniversary on 6th October.

His Geordie book of magic is suitable for all ages and comes complete with some specially printed trick cards to perform with, as well as a DVD of Chris performing and explaining all of the tricks from the book to numerous local celebrities. Great for adults to learn a few tricks for dinner parties or the pub and great for budding young magicians to fool their friends in the playground, too!

Chris is heading on a Magical Mystery Tour of local venues where he will sell and sign copies of his book. The ‘Geordie Book of Magic’ costs £12 and is available from all good bookshops and Chris’s website www.chris-cross.co.uk

Magical Mystery Tour dates:

– 26th July: Metro Radio Alan Robson’s Night Owls Show Interview & Book Giveaway with Steffen Peddie @ After 10pm Tune in!
– 29th July: handPICKED (intu Metrocentre) @ 11am – 3pm
– 3rd August: The Word (South Shields) @ 11am – 3pm
– 4th August: WHSmith (Northumberland Street) @ 11am – 3pm
– 7th August: Chris Cross: Tricky Geordie Cheekster at The Edinburgh FringeShow & Signing (The HiveEdinburgh Festival Fringe / Heroes of Fringe)
– 12th August: WHSmith (intu Metrocentre) @ 11am – 4pm
– 22nd August: The Back Page Shop (intu Metrocentre) @ 11am – 3pm
– 24th August: Tyne Idols A History of Mystery in Newcastle! Bus Tour Show & Signing @ 7-10pm
– 2nd September: handPICKED (intu Metrocentre) @ 11am – 3pm
– 4th November: WHSmith (intu Metrocentre) @ 10am – 4pm)
– 2nd December: The City Library (Newcastle upon Tyne) Book Festival Talk, Show & Signing @ 1 – 2pm
– 3rd December: For the Love of Sci-Fi 2017 / For the Love of Sci-Fi (B.E.C ArenaManchester, United Kingdom) @ 9am – 5pm

The Book is available at the above stores or Online here: http://www.chris-cross.co.uk/store.html

By Emily