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How to Make a Killing in Bollywood by Manjot Sumal and Umar Ahmed


Oct 24, 2016

Northumberland Theatre Company (NTC) returns to touring with How to Make a Killing in Bollywood.   Touring to family audiences in small venues in towns and villages in the region and beyond, with support from ‘Live Borders, Borders LIVE Touring project, the cast of four will burst onto the stage with a comedy drama about two best friends who decide to quit their jobs in a fast food restaurant and head to Bollywood in search of fame and fortune.

This show features some hilarious riffs of racial stereotyping as well as a fantastic soundtrack and a production punctuated throughout with infectious, pulsating injections of Bollywood dance moves.

Scottish based actor Raza Khan is turned down for another acting role. He is faced with the stark reality of a lifetime of working in the family take-away, serving chips and cheese to the local wide-boys.  Before consigning himself to this nightmare he wants one last chance to try and make it big and show the world what he is truly capable of.  Where better to hit the dizzying heights of fame and fortune than a place where there are a thousand roles for guys like him?

Four actors will take the show on the road including a trainee stage manager, Munya Redman-Bayasi.

“Our remit is take imaginative and accessible theatre to rural venues and also give the next generation of theatre technicians a chance to hone their craft through our trainee scheme and this year is no different.  We’re very pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to Munya, who will hopefully gain a great deal of experience touring with this production,” said Gillian Hambleton, director of the NTC.

For further details go to www.northumberlandtheatre.co.uk.

Please contact Hilary Burns 01665 602586 for interviews with writers or cast members.

By Emily