Mothering Sunday is the annual celebration where children give thanks to their mums for everything they have done and given to their children.

Marked on the fourth Sunday of Lent, children traditionally give cards and flowers, however this year Tristan Lee, The Gorgeousness Coach, offers alternative ideas on how to help make all those marvellous mums look and feel gorgeous inside and out this Mother’s Day.

Here’s Tristan’s guide to gorgeous gifts:

Compliment her – Tell mum how grateful you are for as you simply wouldn’t be here without her! Place sticky notes around the house (on the kettle, the remote control, bedroom light switch etc) with special memories written on them like “Remember the time we laughed so hard when Uncle Bill’s false teeth fell out during dinner!”

Card alternative – Rather than buy a greetings card why not write 20 things you love about her on small pieces of coloured card and put each of them in a special box for her.

Make breakfast – There’s something really wonderful about cooking your mum her favourite food for breakfast.  Serve it to her in bed on a special tray with a flower in a vase, and she’ll feel completely adored.

Plan a picnic – Rather than taking mum for a celebration lunch or dinner, prepare a picnic as it’s far more imaginative. Fill a hamper with all your mum’s favourite foods, nice napkins and crockery and drive somewhere with a scenic view. You can make it a ‘car picnic’ if the weather isn’t suitable for sitting outside.

Pamper mum – Treat her to a facial or relaxing massage to help her look and feel gorgeous. Busy mums rarely make time to do this for themselves but when others give it to them it’s always gratefully received.

Skincare – Body lotions, perfumes and other beauty products are always a wonderful gift to give. How about arranging them in an attractive basket with some of her favourite flowers and good quality individually-wrapped chocolates. Amazing presentation can make an inexpensive gift feel priceless.

Tristan comments: “The key to making this Mother’s Day a success is not necessarily how valuable the gift is, it’s how valued you can make mum feel and she in turn will appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

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