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Marketing and communications specialist proves you can do it

A top marketing and communications expert in the region has proved you can do whatever you set your mind to by launching her own business, The Doer.

Chief Doer, Debs Mullinder heads up the new consultancy which helps businesses better connect with the customer and drive growth through brand building, marketing, communications and developing operational excellence. The Doer will work in your teams and with your teams to re-energise, re-focus and own it.

Whether you are starting out, scaling up or are well established and in need of a reboot, the Doer will help you work out what you need and deliver it for you.

The business is focused around getting back to basics and focusing on building relationships and making better connections through right message, right time, right channel. In a market where there are so many ways to send messages to your target audience, it’s more important than ever to understand how your audience wants to receive communications, what will make them listen and when’s the best time to get their attention.

Debs has over 20 years’ experience in brand, marketing, communications and campaign management having worked across many big and emerging brands including Tommee Tippee where Deb’s was responsible for extending the Tommee Tippee brand and portfolio through design, development and launching to market a range of baby toys selling to some of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK.

Debs has also worked for SSE, Citi, NHS and most recently NBS, an SME who recognised the value of brand building to enable a growth strategy. Debs was instrumental in developing and implementing the brand and working with some top North East agencies to raise the profile of NBS across the region.

Helen Whitfield, Chief Operating Officer at NBS said, “I love working with Debs, she has passion, integrity and humility, a feature combination that you rarely find.  Debs saw our vision to grow our NBS brand and grasped our direction of travel from day one, she embraces the challenge and delivers every time, I trust her implicitly. A professional at all times, an absolute credit, who has so much to offer.”

Debs said, “Every organisation needs a doer, a person who gets the bigger picture, grasps the goals, delights in the challenge, works well with the team and gets the job done. I have built my reputation on exactly that.”

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