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Microsoft Claims Xbox Series X ‘The Most Powerful Gaming Console’ In Reveal

ByDave Stopher

Jul 12, 2020 #Gaming

Since the release of the first Xbox in 2001, Microsoft has revolutionised the gaming industry with faster processing speed and better graphics on a wide majority of their games. Yet, with competition from the likes of Sony, Microsoft has often fallen just short of the mark when it comes to what they can offer the player. Despite the ongoing criticism, however, the Series X has been looking like a winner in terms of processing power and design for the company, but could it be the most powerful console yet? In this article, we will be looking into what changes have been made to make the Series X so great.

The Series X

“Power Your Dreams” is a phrase that we have heard a lot about over the last six months since the reveal of the Xbox Series X, but how much do we really know about the next generation console besides what it looks like? With several questions remaining unanswered, including the release date and the starting price, arguably the two biggest questions, fans are wondering what makes the Series X different to the others in Microsoft’s extensive range. Could it be a seamless link between console and PC that many are hoping to see from the tech giant? Or will it be changes to the hardware that can facilitate new and immersive gameplay experiences?

With several popular online games available through the Microsoft store, they can be played across both consoles and PC. As a result, they have generated a cross-platform service not rivalled by any of their competitors. So, it is a service that many gamers out there are hoping to see expand in the near future. However, with many gamers leaning more towards PC gaming for the faster frame rates and processing power gaming has taken a shift. With many of us now using PC and mobile devices to play online multiplayer games and video slots, console developers are having to do more to compete whilst trying to reach this new audience.

With this style of gaming becoming hugely popular on PC, there have been several video slot titles and online multiplayer games generated specifically for Xbox devices to help capture the attention of this audience. However, the running speeds of these consoles have not been up to standard.

The Series X, however, could be exactly what gamers need for the future cross over between both PC performance and mainstream console titles as it has had a huge revamp for processing power.

Innovation Both Inside And Out

Along with the first look of the overall design, fans of the Xbox were also treated to a rundown of the specifications. With a sleek design working alongside any home entertainment system, it is just a small dose of what makes the console superior to the Xbox One and 360. On the inside, the design team have given the software a complete overhaul to ensure optimal speed and performance, regardless of the game that is being played. The console comes with a 1TB SSD & CPU as well as deep integration of the new Xbox Velocity Architecture to improve the experience and reduce waiting time.

The Most Powerful Running System To- Date

In addition to the newly conditioned interface, Microsoft has also improved the running speed of the console for the optimal gaming experience. The Series X will contain a custom-built processor that leverages the power of the Zen 2 AMD & RDNA 2 architectures for ultimate processing power. Alongside these changes, there are 12 teraflops as standard alongside the custom-built SOC chip to give it the competitive edge on generations of gaming. Therefore, the console can deliver 4K ready gaming as standard and is 8K ready with up to 120 FPS providing unparalleled graphics fidelity.

Temperature Control For Optimum Performance

Though there has been increased focus on the hardware and design aspects of the Xbox Series X, amplified running power does not come without its own challenges such as the issue of overheating. However, it is not something that has not already been thought of. With the overall design of the console itself allowing for controlled airflow through the unit, there have also been several changes to the internal components to prevent the console from overheating and slowing down performance.

For the first time, the Xbox Series X features a split motherboard. The change to the motherboard has been integrated to ensure that the temperature is controlled evenly without intruding on the performance of the console. Consequently, it enables the console to output more power without overheating. There is also the inclusion of heat sink chassis as well as a vapour chamber to ensure the regulation of heat throughout the entire console. Pair these changes with the newly designed whisper-quiet fan and you have a console that is optimised for power, whilst reducing and regulating any heat that is generated, allowing it to work much harder than other consoles that have come before it.

Whether you have been a fan of Xbox for several years now, or you are making the all-important decision of whether to choose the PS5 or The Series X, we are sure that these immense hardware and software changes will make the Series X the best Xbox console yet. Which will you be purchasing when the holiday season comes around?

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