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Middlesbrough’s Wells CRS celebrates new Arriva agreement


Oct 21, 2022

Teesside-based Wells CRS is to create further job opportunities after signing a three-year extension to an agreement with Arriva.

The timeframe electrical nationwide contract with the major UK bus operator reflects the strengthening relationship between the two after working together for many years.

Wells CRS will oversee the maintenance of electrical systems in all Arriva’s garages and offices across the country, with a heavy focus on sites in London and the south-east.

Middlesbrough’s commercial refurbishment specialists will be addressing issues with lighting as well as sockets, power to roller shutters, heaters and rolling road power for garage machinery.

Paul Cockburn, the electrical contracts manager for Wells, said: “We have worked with Arriva in some capacity now for seven years. What started with project work has developed into something more formalised and concrete.

“Through our strong relationship and our reputation for delivering, Arriva are confident we can follow the procedures they need to follow.

“One of the strongest parts about our relationship is Arriva know that when each job is sent to us we will ensure the work is done to a high standard.”

Arriva will contact Wells to raise the problem and that will then be booked into the schedule to be addressed and completed. There are more than 30 garages in London alone that the maintenance contract covers, as well as the rest of the UK.

“We will repair any problems in Arriva’s operations buildings,” said Paul.

“That means we will cover lighting, power to sockets and switches. We do a lot of work on floodlights on garage car parks, external lighting. If a garage has issues with dark spots we will look at emergency lighting replacements or repairs.”

The Arriva agreement has contributed to Wells CRS requiring more staff. The firm, co-owned by Garry Wells and David Murphy, are interviewing for more engineers and are in discussions with Hartlepool College of Further Education about hiring local apprentices.

Paul, who has worked with Wells for 14 years, said: “At the moment we are looking for another engineer, and two more apprentices – from the Teesside area, we like to work with local people. These appointments will not just be for this project.

“As a result of the three-year agreement with Arriva we need more staff to maintain the high level of service we have achieved for the previous three years.

“The partnership is growing and has already led to more work project-wise, not just on the maintenance side of things.

“We recently did a full install of a Computer Management Framework (CMF) warehouse at Grays for Arriva, where we also installed high bay lighting among other things, and we are excited to see our relationship continue to grow.”

| For further details on Wells CRS check out wellscrs.com

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