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MINI E-CLASSIC the past is green

ByDave Stopher

Jun 10, 2022 #Electric, #Mini

Toys 4 Boys makes its debut today at Top Marques (Monaco, June 9-12) showcasing the preview of a model that will be rolled out of the factory in the summer and start full production in September. Aznom Automotive’s newly created “Toys 4 Boys” brand wants to bring to market small automobile series, unique in their design philosophy, technical soltions, refinement, and style. Toys 4 Boys will thus focus on “restomod” and special upgrades to existing vehicles.

Toys 4 Boys makes its debut with a “jewel” called Mini E-Classic, a model that takes the Italian elite manufacturer into the all-electric vehicle market. This model represents the bridge between the iconic past of the Mini Cooper and the “green” of contemporary electric cars thanks to the donor Mini Mk5, fully converted to electric vehicle thanks to the Retrofit 45 KW system and the ILifePo 14 KWH – DM219 batteries. With this setup, the Toys 4 Boys electric Mini cars are capable of a 140 Km range, more than enough for urban drives and short trips.

The E-Classic configuration, inspired by the historic rally car of the 1960s, features Alcantara leather and 3 different driving setups “eco-normal-sport”. A second version bearing the name “Cote d’Azur” will be unveiled in the future. Based on a “british open” with fully opening roof, it offers a more fashionable aesthetic, clearly inspired by the French Riviera.

On the outside it will boast the “Tiffany” Turquoise color, while the inside features both leather and fabric interiors. In the “Cotè D’azur” the available modes are “eco – normal”.

Both models will mount LED lights and digital instrumentation.

The electrification kit is compatible with all Mini cars manufactured from 1982 onwards … but bear in mind that the Aznom’s system is not only suitable for Mini cars, but will be developed for installation on many other vintage and classic cars.

Founded in 2006 by Marcello Meregalli, AZNOM is a multidisciplinary design and communication studio based in Monza, Italy. From its inception, the Business Unit Aznom Automotive is responsible for the customization of production cars and manufacturing of one-off vehicles and small series. All-around exclusive and unique objects, like the imposing Palladium, unveiled towards the end of 2020.

Aznom Automotive is by now a consolidated brand, with a large factory of over 5.000 square meters and a broad expertise in automotive, also thanks to Monza Garage (2014) and Monzatech (2016).

Monza Garage, official importer of Radical cars in Italy, is moreover offering its clients complete assistance and professional management of their sport and racing cars, both in the factory and on track.

Monzatech is instead an engineering research center, patenting several innovative solutions and high-tech products. Highlight among these is the IEC (Intelligent Engine Cooling), an electronic control and “intelligent” management system of a vehicle’s cooling fluids.