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Modern day Santa from Google Trends

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 13.10.16With Christmas fast-approaching, Santa will currently be getting ready to steam-press his red and white suit, and measure up his belt size, ready for the big day. As a man with fine sartorial style, Santa’s clothing has become iconic across the world, but Escapade think that now is the time for Santa to became a modern day man.

Escapade helped Santa revolutionise his wardrobe by breaking down the biggest men’s fashion trends of 2015 and analysing Google Trends, in order to visualise what the ideal modern day, all-weather outfit for Santa would look like.

Data sets from the UK, US, and Australia were analysed and compared to data from the previous year, which was then combined to create a cumulative score.  The result of this was a modern day outfit for a modern day Santa!

Escapade found that:

  • According to Google Trends, 2015 saw the biggest rise in searches for men’s hairstyles, and beat searches for women’s hairstyles for the first time ever. Out of all the style questions asked, “how to grow a man bun” and “how to tie a man bun” came out on top. Our research found that searches for “man bun” went up in the UK by 402% this year, while similar increases were found in the US and Australia.
  • According to our data, Nike Air Max shoes saw the biggest cumulative increase in footwear searches across all three territories. In comparison to 2014, UK increased by 48%, US increased by 83%, and Australia increased by 50%.
  • 2015’s seasonal trend of Shearling jackets has led to a significant leap in searches for leather jackets across the UK, US, and Australia.
  • Turtle neck jumpers were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2014 and data from Google’s Keyword Planner suggests that their success is carrying on into winter 2015. The term gained 3,600 average monthly searches in the UK throughout 2015 and had a cumulative increase of 89%. October 2015 was the biggest month ever for turtle neck jumpers in the US. This was echoed in May 2015 in Australia, due to seasonal differences.
  • Surprisingly, “ripped jeans” was one of 2015’s most searched terms in comparison to chinos, pants, joggers, and other jean related queries. The US saw an increase of 13,000 monthly searches throughout 2015, leading to an 83% growth. The UK and Australia also increased by 49% and 52% respectively for the term.

The data, compiled by Escapade, highlights that the biggest men’s fashion terms for 2015 would perfectly suit a modern day Santa. The image below depicts how Santa might look in 2015. With a throwback to his iconic style and a stylish modern twist, Santa is all set for his 24-hour trip around the world.

Marketing Manager, Nick Williams from Escapade spoke about this year’s fashion trends: “Trends in fashion are often carried across into fancy dress costumes. People are passionate about the way they dress over the festive period and are always looking to impress. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Hipster Santa rising to fame on social media this Christmas”.

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