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Nutrients company plans to clean up in 2016

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 13.14.47AN ETHICAL nutrition company is muscling its way into the health, fitness and wellbeing market after soaring sales and newly formed partnerships in its second year of trading.

Natural Nutrients, a North East based company producing health products including proteins used by fitness enthusiasts, has seen revenue almost double compared to last year and has added four new members of staff to its team as it prepares to accelerate growth in 2016.

Owner, Liam Sherriff who is also a successful personal trainer, has ambitious plans for the company, which uses only naturally and ethically sourced whey proteins and natural ingredients derived from nature, and is hoping to become the go-to supplement brand for cleaner more natural products.

Natural Nutrients, which retails online, was set up by Liam and two other business partners, but the Chester-le-Street entrepreneur has since bought them both out of the business and is preparing to take the company to the next level in early 2016.  Plans are already underway, with a new non-executive director Craig Newbigin on board and a move to new premises in Sacriston that will free the company up for expansion.

Mr Sherriff said: “The fitness market has completely changed.  Ten years ago, only the super-rich and celebrities had personal trainers and followed nutrition plans.  But now, trainers are really popular and people are becoming increasingly conscious of what they are actually putting into their body, and the impact certain ingredients and foods can have on their health”.

“Though there are many protein and supplement companies on the market, we wanted to create something that would appeal to the more discerning customer who is looking for high quality proteins and ‘cleaner’ supplements that are good for them, ethically sourced and contain nothing artificial.  Naturally Nutrients customers know what they are getting and know they’re buying their whey protein from grass-fed, ethically farmed cows.  They also value our cleaner, more natural approach to our supplement formulations and zero tolerance to using mass-produced commercial ingredients.”

He added: “We see vast growth potential for Natural Nutrients, and are hugely excited about what the future holds.  We will be marketing the existing and several new products much more aggressively over the coming months, and we are in the process of exploring new partnerships that we think will provide the impetus for growth and exposure into more markets.  We hope to see another 50 per cent growth year on year as we move into our third year.”

Natural Nutrients, which employs five people, was founded in 2012, but began trading fully in 2014.  It sells a range of health focused products, all of which are 100 per cent natural, ‘clean diet’ friendly, and free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), artificial fillers, bulking and binding agents and use only natural flavours and sweeteners.

For more information, visit www.naturalnutrients.co.uk.

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