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Modern Wellness: DIY

ByDave Stopher

Jun 24, 2020

Superfoods, biohacking, breathwork, supplements and intuitive eating are just a couple of buzz-words that come to mind when the topic of modern health and wellbeing is discussed. 2020 has seen a major increase in the amount of people wishing to level-up their wellbeing routine in light of COVID-19. Staying in the best shape you can, both mentally and physically, can protect your body from potential viruses and infections. So how can we distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to such an important topic?

Many look to their doctors or trusted websites such as WebMD for information about how to boost their immune system or eliminate bad habits in their lifestyle. While the advice you can get is often useful, there have been so many discoveries in the realm of wellness in recent times that it seems that we can’t keep up with all of the information. One study states that coffee is bad for you, and then another is quickly released that states that it is potentially a helpful health ally.

So who better to listen to your own body than yourself? If you equip yourself with knowledge backed by scientific evidence, you can make small changes to your routine or diet which will have big impacts.

Here are three lesser known superfoods that will help you to fully round out your nutrition and keep your body in tip-top shape.


Maca is a Peruvian root plant grown in the Andes. Usually sold in powder form, it is a relative of Broccoli and Kale, and has a distinctive earthy taste. It provides a wide range of benefits,  including energy boosting properties, increased fertility, improved mood and memory. Add it to smoothies, shakes, porridge, hot chocolate, or whatever you want!


If you are looking to boost immunity or improve gut health, sunchokes are an exciting root vegetable which is slightly sweet and can be cooked exactly like potatoes. If you are bored with sweet potato fries, give sunchokes a try!

Hemp Seeds

These seeds are harvested from the Hemp plant, the non-psychoactive variant of the Cannabis plant. Hemp seeds (or Hemp hearts, as they are sometimes referred to) are nutty and pleasant protein-packed superseeds! They are also an excellent source of essential fatty acids, in other words, the good fats! Sprinkle them over fruit bowls,  salads or soups to enjoy a boost of protein.

Wellness for our Pets

If you’re looking to boost the wellness of your furry friends, there are also lots of amazing options out there to aid in their gut and brain function. Similar to Hemp seeds, CBD-oil is a non-psychoactive derivative of the Hemp plant. From improving their mood to easing their anxiety, cannabis can help dogs too!

We all know that our pets love to play, but spending extra time with them will improve both their happiness and their health! By playing new games, setting up obstacle courses and teaching them new tricks, we are stimulating the learning function in their brains. So make sure to put aside an extra ten minutes to focus your attention on your best friends!

In summary, there is a lot to be said for the golden rule: everything in moderation! Maintain a balance in your life; fitting in time for everything that makes you happy and keeps you healthy. The secret to wellness is yours for the taking!