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Motorbike Delivery: Stress Free Ways to Buy a Motorcycle

Want to pay less for your motorcycle? Then buy one second hand. If you are planning on buying a spares or repairs bike from eBay, with thoughts of fixing it up, then having it delivered via a dedicated delivery service is going to save you hundreds. Here is how you may use a motorcycle courier service to save money (and stress) on your new motorcycle purchase.

Buying a Bike Brand New From a Store

In most cases, if you want a bike and you want it delivered to your house, then showrooms and new-bike sellers are the places to go. They are often the only ones who will agree to deliver your bike without charging you a massive fee for the privilege. However, even though getting your bike to you is not expensive, the actual act of buying the new bike is very expensive.

Buying a Bike Locally After a Viewing

Let’s say you are looking for a bike, you view a few, and you decide which one you want to buy. Now, you have to get it home, but you cannot ride it home (insurance, repairs, licenses, etc.) So, you need to have it shipped. This used to cost a lot of money, but these days you can hire dedicated delivery services to do it for you.

Buying a Bike Locally Without a Viewing

Let’s say that you take the risk and buy your bike without viewing it. With things like eBay, it is possible to get a good look at all you need to know. Plus, if the owner lied a lot, then you can use eBay to get your money back. In this case, you may worry that getting the bike to you is expensive. It used to be expensive, but now you are able to use a dedicated service to ship the bike to you.

Buying a Bike From Far Away

When you extend the region through which you are willing to buy your bike, aka, if you go further afield, then your chances of getting the bargain of a lifetime are far more likely. Since there are dedicated shipping services for bikes, you can actually buy from many miles away, and the money you save on the purchase will not be offset too steeply by the slightly higher delivery fee. The delivery fee will be far less than it was just ten years ago.

Buying a Spares or Repairs Bike Locally

There are some benefits to buying a spares or repairs bike locally, especially if the owner is claiming that very little is wrong with the broken bike. In cases where the owner doesn’t know what is wrong with the bike, it allows you to go over and take a look at it before you buy it. You may end up paying slightly more for the broken bike because you are buying locally where options are limited. However, shipping with a dedicated bike delivery company is not going to cost very much because the bike doesn’t have far to go.

Buying a Spares or Repairs Bike From Far Away

This has to be the cheapest possible way on the planet to get a motorcycle or motorcycle insurance. You scour the Internet for the lowest possible prices for spares or repairs bikes. You find the one you want, you pay a stupidly low price for it, and then you have a low-cost motorcycle delivery company ship it to your house. Not only do you save a massive amount on the purchase alone, but there is almost no risk. You already know the bike is broken, and even if its condition is worse than advertised, you are getting such a good deal that the replacement parts and repairs are still likely to be reasonable enough so that you get a fully working bike at the end of it all without paying a fortune.

Conclusion – Getting the Right Price Has Never Been Easier

Let’s face it, one of the trickier parts of buying a bike is getting it to your house. It is not the sort of thing you can parcel up with wrapping paper and send through the post. Your options have always been limited, unless you wanted to pay some stupendously high tow truck company to pick up your bike, or you wanted to buy a very expensive brand new bike from a showroom where they agree to deliver. These were your only options until services like the Shift Motorbike delivery service became available. Now, as shown in this article, you can save an absolute fortune on your motorcycle purchase.

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