When it comes to filters, they are not a necessity. A filter is a useful piece of equipment that helps hobbyists to offer a habitat where biological filtration can take place. In most cases, the filter is necessary if you’re looking to offer adequate biological filtration. But let’s investigate a little further to show you precisely what the filter does and why most people purchase them for a fish aquarium.

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The Primary Functions Of A Filter:

  • It keeps the water clean by discarding toxins like nitrates and ammonia and debris.
  • It can assist with oxygenating the water by establishing surface agitation.
  • It offers a place where beneficial bacteria can be cultivated.

You have to understand that every aquarium must have some level of biological filtration and the easiest way of establishing this, is with a filter. Biological filtration is absolutely necessary to help with reducing the amount of maintenance as well as reducing toxins. Not all tanks, however, will need a chemical and mechanical filtration device. For instance, carbon or other forms of chemical filtration must also be used as required. In some cases, people make use of fishbowls, small aquariums or vases to keep fish. Due to the small size and less water content, it can be tricky to offer the appropriate filtration and water will have to be changed regularly, daily, in some instances.

Is It Necessary To Use A Filter For A Fish Tank?

As mentioned earlier, the filter is not a necessity to maintain a healthy fish tank, but adequate biological filtration is. Biological filtration assists with cycling the aquarium which is keeping the water at a safe level for the fish. This is done through breaking down of ammonia (waste) and converting it down to nitrates. Check out Aquarium Labs for all your fish tank needs. If you can offer the appropriate level of biological filtration without using a filter, the fish will stay safe. Therefore, while a filter is not a necessity for an aquarium, but your choices with regards to the amount and types of fish you want to keep, may be restricted.

Will The Fish Be Able To Survive Without A Filter?

Many fish species can survive and do well without using a filter. Some examples include:

  • Blind cave tetras
  • Betta fish
  • Goldfish
  • Corydoras
  • Wild-type guppies
  • Zebra danios
  • Regal white cloud minnows

Many fish will, however, be better off when you have the required biological filtration and surface agitation in the tank to help with oxygenating the water which can only be accomplished by installing a filter.

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Is It Still Necessary To Clean The Tank Despite Having A Filter?

Even if you have a filter installed in the tank, once or twice weekly cleans are still recommended. Contingent on how heavily stocked the tank is and the types of fish you have, it might have to be cleaner more frequently. You should always endeavour to clean the sides of the aquarium, remove algae as well as use a gravel siphon for removing any accumulated debris.