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National BBQ week! The new kid on the block which is made entirely in Britain


Apr 15, 2019 #BBQ Week, #ZIGZAG

Since the dawn of time man has considered himself master of fire. In the 21st century the passion for fire has not changed, but man is evolving. In fields and gardens across the country they gather demonstrating their expertise over man’s most protected item, the barbecue. 

Well move over traditional barbecue, and make room for the ZIGZAG, a portable outdoor oven which is set to revolutionise the summer evening. 

With health-conscious eaters and veganism on the rise, it’s time that outdoor cooking caught up and the ZIGZAG is here and ready to step up to the plate just in time for the warmer months. 

Designed and made entirely in Britain by feted designer John Tomalin Reeves, the ZIGZAG features an innovating floating baking stone which allows flames to heat food from beneath as well as over the top creating an incredible dual heat source which speeds up cooking time and adds flavour. Its versatility means you can cook everything from pizzas to pork chops, whether at home, on the beach or at the campsite.

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