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New cryptocurrency payment solutions by Ubitquity Pay

Ubitquity, a ledger-based network innovation for housing market and title documentation, recently website announced the availability of its UbitquityPay solutions for business and institutional transactions involving cryptocurrency. When the Bitcoin era is doing rounds, the take of technology definitely needs an evolvement of revolution. UbitquityPay capabilities encompass network browser glimpse of money, gathering, and allocation of financial resources, public accountability, counterparty fraud prevention, no claims processing of financing, upcoming payments, compatibility for hundreds of digital currencies, and trustworthy institutional accounts.


New cryptocurrency payment solutions by UbitquityPay

UbitquityPay is a global platform that offers payment solutions in cryptocurrency, plus it deals with real estate tran

sactions. Some of the cryptocurrency payment solutions offered by UbuitquityPay are:


  1. It uses a unique interface called API (Application Performing Interface). Basically, clients can store their data on the distribution chain by entering it on this interface. This way an accurate record of the data is maintained. This interface also happens to be well-set up for enterprises that have the ability to tap into pre-existing databases. It can also very easily transfer data onto the distribution use with maximum ease.
  2. It uses a blockchain platform called BaaS which securely records as well as tracks user data. It is a highly efficient platform that immediately converts digital currency into fiat money. The funds are also simultaneously settled.
  3. It supports various coin currencies such as USDT, Paxos with with buyers and sellers can make transactions. This is ensured by insurance under-writers which are crypto-bank approved.
  4. SmartEscrow by UbitquityPay uses custodial wallets which ensure smooth real-estate transactions. It also helps in reviewing funds by blockchain explorer. It also collects and disburses funds. Basically, SmartEscrow simplifies and secures transactions for optimum consumer satisfaction.
  5. UbitquityPay’s user friendly platforms and servers ensure that all parties gain from crypto-transactions in a completely safe way.
  6. UbitquityPay offers a number of tools that have been successfully applied across multiple industries. Some of the industries that it supports are: real estate for escrow, contract/document management. UbitquityPay is also tied up with various academia and municipalities.
  7. UbitquityPay provides data hashes on a cloud-based distribution chain free of cost as it is already included in their blockchain platform.
  8. It helps in bridging the gap between between freehold companies and homeowners.
  9. The hash of the data used by UbitquityPay ensures smooth resolution of transactions over real time.
  10. Each and every user on the UbitquityPay platform is verified which builds up a relationship of trust and credibility, as well as reliability. UbitquityPay is renowned for the level of transparency that it shows.
  11. UbitquityPay performs the function of theft mitigation which minimises the risk of hacking of digital currency in a fool-proof and secure manner. This is why users can always put their faith jn UbitquityPay
  12. UbitquityPay partners with a number of firms to build up its network and expand across various industries.
  13. Funds of settlement are easily expended at a single click through UbitquityPay securely and transparently.


A few words about Ubitquity Pay

Ubitquity’s supermajority framework incorporates a range of public ledger as assistance techniques that it would have fully implemented along with a multitude of sectors, which would include air transport as well as property investment, for the trust account and title closure assistance, headline extracting, virtual, fusion, and printed notarization assistance, smart contract administration, and safeguard documentation. Ubitquity will assist in implementing regulation crypto, connectivity consultancy, the establishment of housing market NFT, and other services.


The bottom line

The network’s core application instance has always been the headline ownership business, but it’s been effectively deployed to certain other sectors as well. Property investment smart contract has become more and more common. People are beginning to grasp the advantages of limited partnership asset classes, which provide shareholders with the necessary flexibility in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape. Organizations currently are in an excellent position to take advantage of such newly authorized asset allocation. Through the MyNFTs platform, they assist in implementing DeFi and NFT initiatives.

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