Jewellery Sparkles has released another new raft of job opportunities across the North East and Yorkshire, the timing of which is ideal in the run up to Christmas and for many people who have found themselves without jobs recently.

Owned by Sarah Heron, the company is offering exciting job opportunities, as it has created a number of new roles available for fashion directors and stylists across the North.

Sarah, who has had an illustrious career in marketing, professional fundraising and previously used to be a teacher, said:

“Jewellery Sparkles has been reshaped to create more jobs and I am looking forward to the challenge of the team growing. Along with that I have committed a sizable investment to ensure that we grow, attract new talent and lead the way in the North.

“Jobs are now immediately available, including free training, for anyone who sadly lost their position at Thomas Cook and also in the mad rush up to Christmas.

“Jewellery Sparkles is poised to grow too through a new liaison that sees the fashion jewellery linking with the House of Colour, whose stylists provide the best style and colour analysis for both men and women of all ages.

“We are keen to create at least 50 jobs in the North East and in Yorkshire in the coming months and to see the brand, which boasts exceptional quality, become a household name.”

As well as online sales, parties at home or in the workplace and at-event sales, Sarah is shaping the services delivered by Jewellery Sparkles so they appeal to the direct public, the purchaser; and to the corporate world where she now holds accessory styling workshops, helping people upcycle and update their wardrobe, choose accessories that compliment and find a new confidence in their appearance.

Sarah, who is based in Nunthorpe is looking to collaborate with others in the fashion and beauty arenas and is hungry for success. Recently presenting to over 100 representatives from the House of Colour, Sarah shared these words:

“I recently met with Lulu Guinness and she asked me for one of the pearl necklaces I was wearing. It gave me great delight to post one to her – you cant get better endorsement than a fashion icon wanting your product!

“That gives confidence to the new team joining and this new alliance with House of Colour is exceptionally exciting. I am keen to grow further links with retailers, influencers and am happy to support events in the right industries.”

More information on the latest stunning collection and how to join Sarah’s ever growing team is available by visiting