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New music album released based on the sound waves of orgasms from real people


‘Extended Pleasure’ features five songs from the recorded orgasms of people at different stages of their life

  • A music producer used the sound waves from the orgasms as the foundation for each track.
  • The orgasm EP album was created by sexual wellness brand LELO to champion the importance of sex and masturbation for wellbeing at all stages of adulthood.
  • The orgasms were donated by individuals, heterosexual couples, same-sex partners, elderly people, and more.
  • Named Extended Pleasure, the five-track album is available to stream for free on Spotify today: https://bfan.link/extended-pleasure

Many people can name songs that make their skin tingle and send their emotions soaring. In fact, music has the power to create waves of pleasure so great that some liken it to an orgasm. But until today nobody would have heard songs made from the sound waves of actual orgasms.

Introducing Extended Pleasure: the first album where every track has been created from orgasm recordings donated by real people. And the five tracks on the unique orgasm album cater to all musical tastes: from climaxing classical to explosive arena rock.

The sex-positive EP album has been created by sexual wellness brand LELO. It is designed to highlight the importance of sexual intimacy and self-love for people at every stage of life, no matter age, sexual preference or identity. To that end, the orgasms have been donated by individuals and couples including elderly lovers, a woman with menopause, a pansexual woman*, a heterosexual couple and a bisexual couple.

LELO UK worked with composer and music producer Matt Emery to transform the raw orgasm recordings into sound waves that form the basis of each track on Extended Pleasure. Emery then composed original music to match the ebbs and flows of the orgasm sound waves, with each track representing a different music genre he felt suited the style of orgasm donated. The five tracks are as follows:


The distant saxophones create more of a bubbly feel, which highlights the couple’s moments of joy and laughter as they pause and take a breath. As the energy increases the bass line thickens and you can hear the twinkly piano as they reach climax.

Modern Classical

This track is the most subtle of them all; the sparkly glockenspiels build upon the movement that adds to the fuzzy butterfly feel before the moment of climax.

Lo-fi Hip-Hop

The speed accelerates up to the point at which Reed reaches orgasm, which is immediately followed by a much slower pace which gradually decreases as the breaths diminish. The unpredictable rhythms emulate the urgency and enhance the excitement.

Post Rock

The intimate deep breathing and small groans make up the dreamy synth sounds, but the song develops as the intensity increases and suddenly explodes into a cinematic culmination of heavy guitars and strong drum beats.

70’s Dance

For this track, the producer matched the person’s repetitive breaths with the constant dance beat on the drums and used the other instruments to develop the moments of crescendo and intensity.

Sex and relationship expert for LELO UK Kate Moyle comments: “Sexual wellness and wellbeing is something that should be present for people whatever age and stage they are at in their lives – it should not be exclusive. What it looks like for that individual will be based on their personal context, age, health, relationship status, mental health, social context and so much more; and what is important is that we acknowledge that our sex lives don’t stay static but can change and adapt with us as we move through our lives. Many of the reasons that people struggle with their sex lives is due to narratives and expectations which can limit us to having the sex lives we think that we ‘should’ be having, which may look different to the sex lives we want; and this discrepancy can inhibit people’s sexual wellbeing and happiness. By opening up conversations and hosting campaigns like LELO’s Sex For Life, we are challenging these often limiting messages; and empowering people to take charge of their own sexual wellness.”

Producer and composer Matt Emery tells us: “I really enjoyed working on this project with LELO UK. Music is such a powerful entity that can encapsulate both the physical and mental state and it was great to recreate the essence of each orgasm into musical form. When emulating the orgasms and turning them into musical pieces, I composed the music writing to the actual orgasm sounds to capture the energy, tempo and feel of each individual experience, which also helped decide which genre should be paired with each orgasm. Instruments also played a big part in this, as I chose instruments not just for the melody or rhythm aspects but also to match certain characteristics of each orgasm too, be the more intimate breathes captured recording the saxophone, the inner mechanics of the piano, or the explosiveness of switching between clean and distorted guitars.”

Marcella Zanchi LELO UK Marketing & Communications Manager comments: “Here at LELO UK we want to explore the importance of sex and self-love no matter what stage of life a person is at. We believe that pleasure should be celebrated by everyone – regardless of age, sexual preference or identity. Intimacy comes in all shapes and forms, so what is stopping us from exploring the exciting realms of satisfaction. Music triggers powerful emotions and with this unique album we hope to inspire people to embrace the power of intimacy and self-love.”

To stream Extended Pleasure now, visit Spotify: https://bfan.link/extended-pleasure

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