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New Quorum Park app paves the way for Active Travel

Thousands of office staff will soon be rewarded for choosing sustainable transport options thanks to the launch of a new travel app which records commuting behaviour.

Despite many staff currently working from home, Quorum Park has signed a deal with technology provider, KINTO Join, in a move to incentivise walking and cycling as part of the daily commute for the 6,000 staff upon their return to work at the North Tyneside office park.

The app enables individuals to choose their preferred sustainable travel mode, find the best routes and connect with other users for a safer, more social commute. Quorum staff can record their commuting behaviour to measure its environmental impact and qualify for rewards.

Laura Kerry, travel and tenant advisor at Quorum Park said: “At Quorum we have a longstanding commitment to sustainable travel and by utilising the latest app technology, we can make it even easier and more engaging for staff.”

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have been working with occupiers across the Park to help them create safe working environments for their employees when they return to work. Occupiers recognise that collectively, our responsibilities also extend to the employee commute and have been looking for ways to help facilitate safe and sustainable travel options.”

Once Covid-19 is under control and upon conclusion of the national vaccination programme, Quorum Park intends to allow for the provision of car sharing within the app.

KINTO Join says the app, which was launched earlier this month, is a timely response to the challenges that many organisations in the public and private sector have faced as a result of Covid-19.

Lucy Munton, sustainable commuting manager at KINTO Join, added: “Prior to the pandemic, green travel options have often been seen as aspirational alternatives to the traditional means of transport. However, a result of the need to minimise physical contact, walking and cycling are at the forefront of the Government’s commuting advice.

“We are delighted to be working with the team at Quorum Park to help them achieve their goals to make sustainable travel as easy as possible for staff and visitors. In addition to the long-term environmental benefits of active travel, they are more cost-effective than traditional commuting options, can improve health and wellbeing and help ease road congestion.”

Last year Quorum concluded over 100,000 sq.ft. of new lettings as Verisure, SSCL and NRG all relocated to the Park’s Neon building. Landlord Shelborn Asset Management also secured new lettings with managed print services firm Concept Group, and engineering and architectural consultancy Ramboll.

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