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New study names the UK’s sex injury hotspots

ByEllis Burke

Jul 17, 2022 #life

From carpet burn to broken penises, there are a variety of sex-related injuries we can suffer from while getting caught up in the moment. And according to a new study by Lovehoney, as many as one in three (37%) Brits have suffered from a sex injury.

The study reveals the UK’s sex injury hotspots, the most common bedroom mishaps and the most hazardous sex positions.

The most common sex-related injuries

Friction was found to be a common cause of injury, with 65% of Brits saying they’ve previously suffered from carpet burn during sex. While getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, Brits also frequently experienced bruising (54%) and pulled muscles (39%). Interestingly, men (39%) were found to be more prone to bedroom disasters than women (36%), and those between the age of 35-44 experienced the most sex injuries in the UK (47%).

Sex injury 

Percentage of Brits who have experienced the injury 

Carpet burn




Pulled muscle




Back injury


Penetrative sex was not the only cause of bedroom mishaps. As many as 24% of male respondents admitted to experiencing sex-related injuries whilst either giving or receiving oral sex, compared to only 16% of women.

The UK’s bedroom disaster hotspots  

The study took a deeper look into where in the UK individuals were the most prone to bedroom disasters, and it was revealed that those in Bristol and Sheffield are the most susceptible with almost half (48%) of residents admitting to experiencing an incident. Manchester followed closely behind in second with 42% sustaining sex-related injuries.

Some cities were also found to be more likely to wind up in A&E after a bedroom mishap than others. Almost one in five Plymouth residents admitted they had broken a bone through sex, (16% more than the national average of 2%) while those in Glasgow were the most likely to experience a foreign object getting stuck inside of them (13%) during their sexual adventures.

The most hazardous sex positions 

Ness Cooper at The Sex Consultant has shared the following advice on how to avoid bedroom disasters when you’re in the UK’s most hazardous sex positions.

  1. Doggy style – Half of Brits have experienced a bedroom disaster in this position

“Adding a pillow under your wrists and hands can help avoid wrist injuries, particularly those from hyperextension. Sex position straps can reduce uncontrolled movements that may lead to injuries practically during rougher doggy style sex.”

  1. Missionary – Over a third of Brits have experienced a bedroom disaster in this position

“Placing a pillow under the lumbar spine can reduce back injuries or flare-ups, it may also help increase pleasure during penetration. If the individual on top finds they have discomfort in their knees during this position, moving to a standing position whilst the receiver is on the bed may avoid this. Changing how close you are to your lover’s body may make it easier or harder for you and reduce muscle fatigue – it’s all about experimenting!”

  1. Cowgirl – Almost 1 in 6 Brits have experienced a bedroom disaster in this position

“Working out whether you’re more comfortable being on top with knees up or down can be important in working out an injury-free way to enjoy this position. Having a headboard to lean on with your arms can give you extra support during thrusts. Working together and helping each other move can add extra support during sex and reduce injury during cowgirl.”

The full study can be found here: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/uk-bedroom-disasters-report.html 

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