A new Tyneside crime drama, Moreland’s Firm, will see its title track, ‘Until I Do,’ released later this month along with the premiere of the concept screening at VUE Gateshead that same day.

The drama, and its title track, are written by north-east writer, and son of the late Tommy Cox (founder of the Professional Darts Corporation), 38-year-old Danny, of Whitley Bay, which sees a plethora of stars, including Stephen Tompkinson and Craig Conway, come together.

Filmed in several locations, including Newcastle and London, the latter seeing the inclusion of Gary Webster (main roles being Eastenders, Minder and Family Affairs), see Moreland’s Firm release timed to coincide with the one year anniversary of Tommy Cox’s passing.

Telling the story of Tyneside gangster and business entrepreneur, Michael Moreland, the mini-series is a good fifteen years or so in the making, Danny having both entrusted, and worked alongside fellow businessman, and actor, Steve Wraith, to bring the story to light.

Also featuring the likes of Vicky Hawkins, Lesley Saint-John, Kim Tiddy, Joe Egan, Bill Fellows, and numerous others, the title track will certainly make fans sit up and listen, and become engrossed in what will transpire in front of them.

Speaking of his ‘masterpiece,’ Danny said: “It will almost be one year to the day that my Dad passed away when we sit in the VUE Gateshead, for the concept screening of Moreland’s Firm. 

“He was my biggest supporter as a writer and never faltered in his encouragement for me to follow my dreams. 

“I actually signed as a singer-songwriter with a Manhattan-based company many years ago and unfortunately I was a little too immature to use that opportunity wisely. 

“In the most part though, Dad was responsible for sending out all of the material to these companies and doing what I really should have been doing for myself.” 

Having learnt, often the hard way, from his father’s knowledge and wisdom, Danny is well aware of the assistance the Marie Curie Hospice in Elswick afforded Tommy in those final days.

It is because of that Danny will be donating all proceeds from ‘Until I Do’ to the hospice adding: “He passed away this time last year after a short but brave battle with pancreatic cancer.

“The Marie Curie Hospice in Elswick, and its staff, made his final days the very best they could be.

“My Mother, brothers, and myself can’t speak highly enough of the care that was afforded to him.

“Dad would have been super proud to see the Moreland’s Firm project coming to life and we will be donating all of the proceeds from the release of ‘Until I Do’ to the Hospice in Elswick, in his name.”

Not only is the mini-series packed with stellar names, the band in which Danny Cox has put together for the title track is similar in that nature.

Alongside Danny, who has both penned the track, and provides the vocals, he has ‘drafted in’ backing vocals from the up-and-coming Katie Cowie, drums are provided by Jason Osborne, as well Smoove (Smoove & Turrell fame), Liam Fender (Brother Joe, McDade and Jim Hornsby), Si Stephenson (Carma), Michael Bailey (Peter Donegan Band and The Caffreys) and the legendary ‘saxophonist with soul,’ Johnny ‘Blue Hat’ Davis (Sam Fender and Groove Train) whilst also being produced by Matt Hall of the iconic band, Little Comets.

Using a tagline of ‘Tyneside Will Never Be The Same,’ and with both a screen, and musical accompaniment of such magnitude, Danny Cox’s Moreland’s Firm can’t be nothing but an astounding success.

Being released on all major platforms, ‘Until I Do’ will be available on November 28 whilst the inaugural viewing of Moreland’s Firm (Produced by North East Films and directed by Ferson) takes place at VUE Gateshead on the night of November 28 (sold out).

Further information on the drama series can be via the official website https://www.morelandsfirm.co.uk/ and via the Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/morelandsfirm/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/MorelandsFirm