If you’re struggling to know what to buy the birthday boy or girl who has everything, you may be interested to know that one Newcastle health clinic has launched what it describes as the ultimate birthday gift.

Central Healthcare, based on Forth Street in Newcastle city centre, is offering anyone celebrating their birthday* 20% off a Vitamin Infusion (drip).

Vitamin Infusions deliver a cocktail of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream via an IV drip to give you an immediate energy and immune system boost, on a cellular level – in just 45 minutes.

The drips work by increasing the blood concentration of several essential vitamins and minerals beyond that which can be achieved when taking oral vitamin supplements. For example, Vitamin C given intravenously reaches blood concentrations more than 50 times greater than what can be achieved when given orally.

The clinic claims there is no better, more unique birthday present than a shot of instant health and vitality straight into your arm.

Central Healthcare owner and registered nurse, Gill Brooks, says she was inspired to introduce the birthday drip because she thinks a vitamin infusion is the ultimate birthday gift that many people want to try but never have.

Mat Farmer, from Burnopfield, is the first person to take up the offer as part of his 40th birthday celebrations.

He said: “My wife bought me a Cellular Support Infusion as she wanted to give me something different to celebrate my milestone.

“We’re just days away from the birth of our second baby so I think she wants to make sure I’m revitalised and full of energy, ready for the sleepless nights.

“I’ve always wanted to try one and it made me feel like I could run three marathons. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I feel uplifted and much more energetic.”

Gill adds: “Vitamin drips are no longer just enjoyed by celebrities and the rich, you can get an immediate health and immune system boost directly into your bloodstream, in just 45 minutes, here in central Newcastle.

“The effects of the drip are immediate because they’re on a cellular level. They literally make you feel buzzing with energy and vitality.

“The main advantage of having a drip compared to taking oral vitamins is that with a drip you know that you are absorbing everything, whereas with tablets, much of what you swallow is destroyed during your digestive process.”

More information here.

*Valid passport or driving licence required to prove birth date in order to claim the birthday offer.