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New research reveals nearly 60% of Brits planned a ‘new look’ for restrictions in Summer 2021, whether it be a new wardrobe of clothes, a visit to the beauticians or a brand-new hair style.

Across the UK – women (and men alike) have been preening for their big reveal as they plan to holiday, attend festivals and to party ‘properly’ for the first time in 18 months.

As we move out of face coverings and social distancing it appears a new kind of glamazonian is emerging in Newcastle – with the city ranking the most likely to splurge on a beauty overhaul this Summer. Hot on their heels, were the Brummies (Birmingham) and Mancunians (Manchester), with Liverpool and Cardiff making the top five.

Research by drinks brand VIN CROWD, found around 20% of people across the UK had their hair done to mark landmark date – with the people of Newcastle being the most likely to visit the salon (28%).

Desperate to get their style back after a year in sweatpants, just under 40% of Brits confessed to having a splurged on their wardrobe, with the Geordies (39%) being the keenest shoppers in a bid to look good.

However, despite the desire for glamour, just over third (39%) of Brits believe they will now dress more casually when they go ‘out-out’ – with women leading the way (44%).

As part of the study, by VIN CROWD, 2,000 British adults were asked to pair drinks they most associated with certain ‘looks.’ Tequila shots were most linked with festival fringed shorts, while a sophisticated maxi dress was an over ice ‘G n T’ – amusingly jogging bottoms and a hoody was the face of White Wine.

Interestingly while Brits may be spending on their looks, further data from drinks brand VIN CROWD found 45% of Brits claim the pandemic has made them more ‘frugal’ when it comes to dining and drinking out – swerving pubs and restaurants in favour of partying at home.

We particularly notice this trend in previously frivolous millennials (55%), with 62% believing they will remain more frugal five years from now.

That said, just 18% of those surveyed believed they had over-indulged at home during the pandemic and now research alcohol for special occasions – in short, Brits are ready to party again. Long live wine in a can with friends, 23% say the stigma of drinking outdoors – in places such as parks and public benches – is no more and it is now the norm.

Drinks expert, Fiona Nicholls from VIN CROWD, said: “Ultimately what we have all missed in the last 18 months is getting together with our friends and family – but it is important to remember that doesn’t have to be an expensive night out on the town.

“Throughout the pandemic we have seen increasing trends in home bars and self-taught mixologists, so why not show off your newly honed lockdown skills or serve up simple ready to serve mixes and spritzers like VIN CROWD for your friends at home.”

Fiona added: “As our research shows, every drink has an occasion! We have teamed up with Nasty Gal to help people create their own party vibe with a can of spritz and a whole new wardrobe. It’s time to toast the summer and get our crowd back together.”

This Summer VIN CROWD is teaming up with online clothing retailer Nasty Gal for an on-pack promotion. The Nasty Gal collaboration will offer consumers the chance to win seasonal themed prizes and provide VIN CROWD shoppers with up to 10% discount for the clothing webstore.

VIN CROWD is a low-calorie spritzer drink in can. The two can range contains; a crisp strawberry and raspberry based pink spritzer and a fruity botanical spritz made from raspberries, juniper and gin.

Vin Crowd are vegan and are available in a 250ml can from the Co-op.

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