For years people have argued that ‘print is dead’, however, with a gross turnover of £13.5 billion in the UK alone, evidence is proving the contrary.

Framed prints provider Precision Printing is fighting this myth, and is now over 50 years old! Having served the print industry since 1966, the business is still flourishing today.

The company had its start in Central Street, London, thanks to a young man named Clive Cooper. Clive  was just 20, and dreamed of starting a print shop. When he had an opportunity to acquire an existing printers, he did just that!

Clive’s stepson, CEO Gary Peeling, became involved with the company, and brought with him a willingness to get involved with every technological change that came along. From the start, Precision focused on the customer, and that’s how the business grew. Now it has forged long-term relationships with customers that they have worked with for many years.

Print trends have come and gone over the years, from the early days of the letterpress, and short-runs, to the 70s and 80s when general stationery and stitched books were produced, to the mass-ordered (and more unique) products of today.

Gary Peeling explains:

“Now the printing business is digitally-driven and, when once we had a typesetter or compositor, we now have a software development department and the business is entirely run from a digital front-end, so it’s been a huge transition.

“When we first started, you’d be lucky to have an estimate in three days. We now print and ship same-day up to 50,000 orders a day in the on-demand space, so there’s been a huge transformation.”

Today, print on demand is more economical, and has a much quicker turnaround of less than two weeks. Orders are often made online, with minimal involvement from an artworker.

50 years of graphic design

Precision Printing has witnessed changes in the technology used to make printed products and help designers to push their boundaries. New design software helps designers to work without limitation, to tell a story in an interesting way – and through their design.

Moving forward

The company is moving forward with their drive with Where the Trade Buys, specifically targeted at trade printers, providing selfie frames to business cards and loyalty cards.

In July the company will be moving its 3,300sqm Barking site to larger 5,110sqm premises. It is also

beta-testing a HP 12000 as part of a “double press deal”. The HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press produces a superior print quality, high productivity, and wide versatility. It prints B2-sized sheets in colour at up to 4600 per hour, equating to over two million colour sheets per month.