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No 60, ARC’s café bar, introduces its new monthly Food Lovers Club

No 60 – the cafe bar based at ARC, Stockton – are looking to make the most of their new kitchen and dining area with a new monthly Food Lovers Club

A fresh event every month which celebrate dishes and flavours that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Each date will have a different theme and will invite food lovers from across Teesside to sample new and exciting cuisines.

A Taste of Belgium on Tuesday 27 February is the first Food Lovers Club event and will offer diners a chance to enjoy a range of delicacies from the country, and while the evening will celebrate Belgium’s world famous reputation for chocolate, the team at No 60 are keen to explore other great dishes that people may not be as familiar with.

Hayden Wardle, Head Chef at No 60, said of the evening:

“Belgium is very much one of the European food capitals but we wanted to make sure that the event didn’t only concentrate on chocolate, so we’ve picked some of our favourite Belgian dishes that people may not have tried before. Though that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring chocolate altogether as we’ll be serving a selection of hand-made truffles, and the main is a classic Flemish stew infused with chocolate.’

No 60 are teaming up with a master chocolatier for the evening to ensure the chocolate is of the highest standard. David Greenwood Haigh from Coeur de Xocolat has worked with No 60 on a number of occasions in the past and will return to lend his expertise to the evening.

A Taste of Belgium will take place during Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from Monday 26 February to Sunday 11 March. All of the chocolate used in the menu will meet the Fairtrade standard and No 60 will also use the opportunity to celebrate a number of other Fairtrade products and ingredients. There will be a selection of shortbread made with Fairtrade ingredients and Fairtrade tea and coffee will be served.

Shaun Dowd, Operations Director of ARC, said:

“We are committed to becoming a more Fairtrade friendly organisation with our teas, coffees, and chocolate all coming from Fairtrade sources. Ethically sourced products like Fairtrade items are extremely important to us, and we have had some fantastic support from Stockton Fairtrade Society in making the change in our teas and coffees.”

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