Newcastle-based broadband company Call27 exploring new plans to connect a local housing estate to super fast broadband after previous attempts by other suppliers have failed to materialise.

The Crofton Grange estate in Blyth has been subject to many attempts by larger broadband suppliers to connect residents to broadband which exceeds the current 2Mbps speeds.

Plans are already being put in place after residents were told that their expected summer connection date has now been delayed until closer to December this year.

Call27 Managing Director Phil Surtees explains…

“Since the housing estate opened on Crofton Grange a few years ago, residents have had to suffer with below-par broadband connections, averaging out at around 2Mmbps. In 2017, these speeds aren’t practical for families, many of whom have multiple connected devices and streaming services in their home, services which they either can’t access or have trouble using.”

“We’re committed to getting residents onto a much more reliable, robust service which will not only allow them to enjoy those services but will also help improve the value of their homes for the future.”

The plans will include residents having access to a government funded scheme known as the Better Broadband scheme, which provides residents with a voucher which they can use towards the cost of connecting their property to a better broadband network.

Attempts have been made in the past to connect the estate, but due to cost and scheduling conflicts, plans were shelved and have been delayed several times.

Residents have at times been forced to seek alternatives such as mobile connections which can come at a significant cost for additional data on mobile phone contracts.

For more information about the scheme, visit the .Gov website ( or to register your interest with Call27 as a resident of Crofton Grange visit this registration page. (