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North East chemical specialists secure patent after leading-edge research on new stem cell compounds

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 09.38.49NORTH East chemical research and development company, High Force Research, has been granted a patent on groundbreaking new stem cell compounds jointly developed with Durham University.

High Force Research (HFR), based in Bowburn, County Durham, has provided a range of services allied to new product development in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemicals industries for more than 25 years.

Scientists have been working with the Department of Chemistry at Durham University in the field of Fluorescent Retinoids – a class of chemical compounds important in medicine.

The important development covers a family of novel small molecules with potential applications in cell biology, imaging, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, which HFR aim to further develop and commercialise.

HFR sponsors research at Durham University’s Department of Chemistry by Professor Andy Whiting and his research group, and they are now seeking partners in industry and academia with whom they can collaborate to manufacture the compounds on a large scale.

Building on previous work to develop stable analogues, the team has now developed the new range of fluorescent compounds with biological activity and applications for imaging in the field of cell development and tissue culture.

Other applications for the use of these novel compounds in cell biology range from visualisation and localisation to monitoring real-time concentration and local environments.

HFR director Bob Redfern said: “We are delighted that our patent on these stem cell chemistries has been granted – it is a fantastic achievement for the whole team.

“Collaborating with Durham University’s chemistry department to obtain this result has been a great experience from start to finish, and we hope to continue to work together on further patent applications.”

Established in 1988, HFR is an independent company that has supported medical and scientific research advances that have benefited the world.

The company is expert in developing and scaling up complex syntheses of molecules used by researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and chemical sectors.

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